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Catherine Zeta Jones plastic surgery through years

About Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones was born on September 25, 1969 in Wales. Her career began at early age of just 12 years. After making a couple of movies as a young adult, Catherine Zeta-Jones took part in a number of Television series. She became a world class celebrity after making few films in Hollywood like “The Mask of Zorro”, “Entrapment” and “Traffic”. Catherine Zeta-Jones is married with Michael Douglas who is also great actor and celebrity. Interesting thing is that he is 25 years older than her and they have birthday on same date. They were introduced by Denny DeVito and began dating in 1999. They got married in 2000 in New York at the Plaza Hotel. She and Michael Douglas have two children. A boy – Dylan Michael who was born on August 8, 2000 and a daughter Carys Zeta that was born on born April 20, 2003.

Catherine Zeta-Jones plastic surgery

What is special with Catherine Zeta-Jones is her heart-shaped face and an exceptionally beautiful natural lips. She has a bulbous nose, but she carries it very nice because it fits well with the proportions of her face. And above all those are her magical eyes. In photos from early youth there is no sign of correction, nor it was necessary.

Catherine Zeta Jones before and after plastic surgery

Before and after – First procedures

First thing that was noticed was the difference on the upper lip. Surgeons often wonder why all these beautiful women are in need to fill upper lip. Surgeons filled the lip with hyaluronic acid or some other type of filler. It is possible that at this time she got her cheekbones filled, but in a very fine manner because they are not overstated, nor are missing nasolabial wrinkles, lines between the nose and the edges of the lips. At this stage she has done breast augmentation.

Catherine Zeta Jones before and after plastic surgery

Next round

Next thing is refreshing of eye baggs. She rises slightly upper lip, but all in fine limits, without exaggerating it. She pobably began with Botox treatments because there is no indication of any wrinkles on the forehead or around the eyes.

It is obvious that Catherine is maintaining Botox injection therapy. Botox is typically used for wrinkles around the eyes, lifting the edge of the eyebrows and forehead wrinkles. Some surgeons use botox to treat wrinkles around the lips and those of the neck. In this way, they can achieve beautiful results, but it is also possible to block part of the musculature and cause drop of lips. The upper part of the face is a safe zone for Botox and Catherine Zeta-JonesĀ respects that.

Next procedure has been done on the nose. She removed nodule in the upper part, but not touched the tip, which gave a somewhat dull looks which many observed on Catherine in recent years. Her nose was definitely was nicer before.

Catherine Zeta Jones before and after plastic surgery

Last changes

Here we get a sense that the middle zone of face was spread. It is possible that a mini face-lift was made on her face, with injection filling, which has caused further tension of the face. The bags have already been eliminated, and now eye lids were raised. Catherine is still a very beautiful woman, but in these last stages something did not work as one would wish, and all because of excessive desire for young appearance. Chin has not been changed.

There’s been a major change in the structure of the nose, which changedĀ  her a lot. As a rule, when correction on the nose is done it has to be corrected as whole, however, it is surprising that the doctor did not reduce the tip of the nose.

The Botox injections are constantly used on her face. Nasolabial wrinkles are also filled, but there is no Hollywood actress who is 35 years or more did not do this procedure.


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