Cher plastic surgery

Cher multiple plastic surgery procedures for youthful look?

Full named as Cherilyn Sarkisian. Cher has been a very successful musician. She was lucky in her plastic surgery results as those were too very successful. Its successful outcomes can be clearly noticed from her present youthful look. She has always been very emphatic about female independence and self-actualization. After reinventing her music, and image People started calling her with nickname “Goddess of Pop”. In 1975, when she was divorced, she continued her career of music. She kept on recording some solo albums. Her songs “Half Breed” and “Gypsies, tramps and Thieves” were among the top of big hits. Her dressing style also made her famous.

Music Career

She was also a fantastic fashion designer, an actress, and a songwriter. She was well reckoned due to her nickname. She got fame in music after the song “I got you Babe” got released in the year 1965.

General information about Cher

California is her birthplace, which is a little town called as El Centro and was born in the year 1946. In addition to the pop singer, she is a famous acter and producer.

Cher before and after plastic surgery

Cher Plastic surgery for a charming look

She has followed two plastic surgery procedures, one on her breasts and other on her nose. According to this pop icon, she did this just to face the pressures in the industry of entertainment. In order to be successful in the industry, attractive and hot looks matter a lot. At the age of 68 her appearance was very youthful that she did not look according to her age and it was just because of her plastic surgery procedures.

Plastic surgeries relating to her facial features

She has undergone procedures of plastic surgery many times. She has an unusual jaw line. This means to remove the wrinkles, her surgeons worked on tightening the skin. Due to this a much-required facelift was given to her. In order to deal with her sagging bow, her surgeons worke had done a lot of procedures which brought her brow back to its original position. Nonetheless, it was lifted higher than before. And it can be clearly differentiated from her present images.


Cher has also done Blepharoplasty. In this surgical procedure, that effects aging signs which are found around the eyelids and eye bags and are corrected. Wrinkles or frown lines were missing around her eye section. This is proof of the fact that several procedures were done to clear the marks of aging. The main focus of this procedure is on one’s nose. As compared to her past look, she has now a small and narrow nose.

Cher before and after plastic surgery

Botox injections

Like her fellow singers, the diva has also undergone the Botox treatment. Full named as Ron Zimmerman, who is a writer of comedy, is Cher’s boyfriend. They appeared for the first time in public on august 2010, but they had begun their relationship six months earlier.


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