Chrissy Teigen plastic surgery

Chrissy Teigen Plastic surgery – Did she do it?

Those who have a great interest in the fashion field must be familiar with the rising model of Christine Diane or better known as Chrissy Teigen. This sizzling American model was born on the 30th of November in 1985. She started her career as a model in 2010. She made her first appearance as the right inside the annual sports illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She also made the top cover in 2014. Despite being a part of the fashion world, Chrissy has invested her time and money in many other businesses. She is currently working as a co-host on Spike TV show. Her role in the play is named Lip Sync Battle. Chrissy Teigen also became prominent when she internationally represented the IMG Models in New York. She was considered to be the IGN Babe in 2004 and later in 2007, she became the face of maxim Calendar. In order to boost her career, Chrissy Teigen attached herself with the advertisement campaign of Nike, Olay and Venus.

Chrissy Teigen after Plastic surgery

Nose job

Unlike many models who opted for nose surgeries in order to make sure that their nose looks perfect from every angle, Chrissy Teigen is proud of her nose. We did hear rumors that she has undergone a nose surgery, but on close inspection we realized that was not the case. Her nose still seems a little wider and rounder than the typically operated nose. Therefore, we can say that her nose is the result of just good genetics rather than some surgical skills.

Chrissy Teigen before and after plastic surgery

Breast augmentation

There are different sources that claim that Chrissy Teigen has gotten the breast augmentation surgery done. However, on the contrary, there are sources that claim otherwise. These sources believe that her beautiful looks are natural and she is not among those models who would undergo these weird surgeries in order to maintain her youthful looks. According to speculation the reason behind her breast augmentation surgery is that she wanted to look good in the swimsuits she was showcasing for the magazine. After all, it is not possible to appear for one of the eminent magazines of time and take the job easily. Chrissy would put in extra effort in order to get outstanding and remarkable results.

Despite all the denial, when you compare her recent pictures with the old ones, you would be able to see the prominent difference. Initially the celebrities use to undergo small surgeries like lips or nose, but it seems with advancing technology they are moving towards their hips and breasts. Some celebrities who are not able to maintain their weight are thinking on the tracks of undergoing weight reducing surgeries.

During an interview Chrissy Teigen was asked regarding her breast plastic surgery and she said she does not believe in surgeries. Since her current job demanded heavy looking breast therefore, she has gained weight in all the right areas. She would never think of undergoing any sort of surgeries and especially not the breast augmentation surgery. Whatever it is, a breast increase surgery or gaining weight in the right place, it seems to work wonders for the beautiful and sizzling model.


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