Christie Brinkley plastic surgery

Christie Brinkley – How plastic surgery should be used!

Christie Brinkley is a spectacular actress and a model of America. Monroe, Michigan is her place of birth and now she is in her 60s. The time when she emerged various times on the front cover of an issue related to Sports Explained Swimsuit, she became well reckoned throughout the world during the 70s. She remained on the front of the cover for about 25 years. Apart from her prosperous career of modeling she is a fantastic actress, designer, the spectacular personality of television, photographer and also an activist for human and animal rights.

She was named as one of the charming ladies ever, by various magazines like Allure, Playboy, and Men’s Health. She had done marriage for four times. Her marriage to a popular musician named Billy Joel was her most popular marriage. She had three children. She looks astonishing and charming in her 60s too. She used to look much younger as compared to her actual age that is why it became a rumor that she had done plastic surgery.

Christie Brinkley before and after plastic surgery

Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery

As discussed earlier, when you focus on her pictures then you will really wonder that she looks quite younger as compared to the girls in the twenties. There is no doubt that her facial features are really very gorgeous and she is having an exceptional figure which is particularly flawless. It’s really very difficult to believe that she had done plastic surgery because she has always been very attractive and charming women with her great body. But being a celebrity, you have to focus on your looks so that you might look gorgeous every time. She always wanted to look gorgeous and she has been very prosperous in that. Regardless of the fact that when and where you see her but she will always give you a pleasant shock through her looks.

Christie Brinkley might have followed the following procedures:

  • Procedures of Blepharoplasty
  • Injections of Botox
  • Procedures to lift her face

Botox injections and face fillers

On the basis of some of her Plastic Surgery examinations, she might have injected Botox and she might have undergone face fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane in order to look much more charming. It was the perception of people that she might have used facelifts for the improvement of her looks because they are of the view that in her age it’s not possible to have such a gorgeous skin without any medical help. Might be its just because of the fact that people use to take much care of their body when they grow old as compared to their early time and so they start to try different methods to make them look more attractive. So, might be this is the reason why Christie’s skin started looking more healthy than it was before.

Christie Brinkley before and after plastic surgery

The Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Signs Picture Rhinoplasty:

It can be clearly visualized that she had done plastic surgery by comparing some of the photos from the start of her career with some recent photos of her. The experts have noted a distinguished change in the looks of her nose too so it is a possible nose job.


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