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Christina Aguilera Before and After Plastic Surgery

Christina Aguilera is known for her sultry soulful voice. Christina is also known for her ocean blue eyes and great blond hair. At one point in time Christina had all of the features of a real life Barbie.

Breast Augmentation

People seem to overlook that she has had plastic surgery. This is due to the fact that the majority of the procedures that she had done were not as noticeable, except one, the breast augmentation. When Christina Aguliera debuted her Genie in a Bottle album, the cover art shows her with a flat chest fitting a size A cup. A couple of years later Christina has a full C cup. There was a striking difference in her breast size in before and after photos.

Christina Aguilera before and after plastic surgery 2015

Allegations of plastic surgery have not been confirmed by Christina Aguilera. There is talk that Christina’s breast size expanded to a size E after she gave birth to her first child. Then it was said that she had a breast reduction after that. As women go through varies stages in life, especially child birth, their breast can change sizes. But, we must note that her breast size increased after Genie in a Bottle and before the birth of her baby. This is a fact regardless if she admits to it or not.

Christina Aguilera plastic surgery before and after

Botox Injections

Plump lips are in, and Christina got her fill. Christina’s lips were like thin strips when she first started out in the industry. As time went on her lips started to look fuller. The great part about this procedure was that it was not too over the top. Her lips still fit her facial structure and they look natural.


Another plastic surgery procedure that Christina had is rhinoplasty a.k.a. the nose job. When you take a look at the before and after photos of Christina you can see that the bottom region of her nose is thinner than before. Some people say that there is not a noticeable difference; however, there are people that disagree.


Christina Aguilera wisited an event in the Hamptons on Aug. 15 2015, and rumors of plastic surgery has started once again. Check out the new images!

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