Christina Applegate plastic surgery

Christina Applegate Breast cancer and Plastic Surgery

Christina Applegate Breast cancer and Plastic Surgery

Christina Applegate is an American dancer and actress who have been in the filming industry since her childhood. In her thirties, the American actress had plastic surgery procedures. She has good genes and a nice-looking face, although whatever she considered not perfect in her body later decided to perfect it by plastic surgery operations.

Christina’s Breast implants

In the year 2008, Christina was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since it was an early stage cancer, Christina decided to have a double mastectomy where she had new breast implants. It was an advisable idea while fighting breast cancer. It also reduces the bust line to a perfect figure. She publicly admitted that her new breasts were not to compare with her usual breasts. They have now being shaped and scarred in a different way making them have a physical adjustment.

Christina Applegate plastic surgery

Christina’s Lip Injection

Even though she has a nice-looking face as well as a soft skin which barely needs makeup, the American actress still opted for Botox and lip injection. At the age of 38, Christina decided to go for Botox because she realized she had some sagging skin and aging signs around her eyes. She tried lip fillers as well. When you have a close look at her before and after plastic surgery pictures, you will note some slight changes. The changes are rare to notice unless examined closely. She did lip fillers which are very clear at her lips. Her cheeks have also changed giving clear evidence that she had plastic surgery. At the age of 41, face lines and wrinkles were evident compared to some years back. Her lips continued to be puffier as she aged leaving the question whether the last plastic surgery procedures were done correctly.

Christina’s Botox

It is said that Christina had a facelift, although she looks the same as she was before and even perhaps better. She carried out a facelift to ensure her sagging skin around the jaw and neck became tighter for a younger facial look just like before. She obviously had Botox because she has a taut and a wrinkle free skin compared to her before pictures. She also probably had non-surgical laser treatments such as Active FX, CoolTouch, and Fraxel to treat her superficial lines as well as wrinkles. Many people believe that Christina is still using Botox as she appears in public because of her stretched tight face. Photos and videos show that she has puffed lips, light smile, firm cheeks and stretching skin.

Christina Applegate plastic surgery

Nose job

Photos show that Christina’s nose has changed. Applegate’s before pictures show that she had a big rough nose, but her recent photos show her having a short and high nose; however, the nose is still longer and straighter with small nostrils. Her nose job is a big change that everyone can notice.

Christina Applegate tattoos

Christina also has a tattoo on her right ankle. The tattoo is the word AGAPE which means unconditional love.

She has never gone public on her plastic surgeries, but it is clear that she has undergone plastic surgery from her before and after pictures.


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