Christina Rene Hendricks plastic surgery

Christina Rene Hendricks Plastic Surgery breast augmentation

Christina Rene Hendricks is an American actress who is famous for her role as Joan Holloway in Mad Men. The rumor has it that the women who was once nominated as the Best Looking American Woman by Esquire magazine has gotten a breast augmentation plastic surgery done. Although, when she was inquired regarding it, she denied the rumors. She even made a joke out of it by saying that anyone who was lucky enough to touch them would know they are real.

The beautiful model turned actress has been enjoying a thriving career for years now, however, her personal life was left alone until the rumors about different cosmetic surgeries started to emerge. We believe that her natural beauty especially her perfect body was beautiful enough, but then everyone has their own definition of beauty.

Christina Rene Hendricks before and after breast augmentation

Christina Rene Hendricks Plastic Surgery

Despite all her denial, it seems that Before and After magazine did manage to make her breast augmentation plastic surgery evident during her walk on the red carpet in the recent Grammy’s. The magazine was able to pin point all the evidence that indicated Christina Rene Hendricks had undergone augmentation. We are sure she must have paid quite a big amount since the surgery was so carefully done that it appears in line with her ever changing weight.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says that the number of women who want to undergo augmentation mammoplasty has increased by 39 percent since 2000. More than 296,000 American underwent the procedure and most of them seem to ask for bigger breasts. Dr. Phil Haeck told CBS that the average breast size of a woman has increased. He said that women who came to him previously wanted to go a cup size larger, but now more than half of his patients want to go two cup sizes larger. He said that women figured that if they are going to go through a surgery, they would want to the difference to be apparent. He also said that you can’t exonerate the celebrities from this change, as they are the role models these women are following. Every now and then you come across articles about celebrities undergoing different plastic surgeries.

Christina Rene Hendricks before and after nose job

Nose job

After the successful breast augmentation plastic surgery, the sizzling actress decided it was time she played around with her nose as well. Her nose seems to have a more defined tip and looks much narrower when compared with her early pictures.

Christina’s use of cosmetic surgeries did not end here. It seems she also got some sort of hair transplant done. In 2008, she told The New York Post, that she wears some little wiglet pieces and they blend in her hair. These pieces prevents the hair fall that might be caused by the constant teasing and construction of her hair.

However, the 36 years old beautiful actress did tell Daily Mail that she doesn’t encourage women to undergo any sort of surgeries. She also said that if there is anything that she has learned from these surgeries is that one should celebrate with what one is born with.


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