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Ciara Plastic Surgery – Breast augmentation and nose job

Ciara or Ciara Princess Harris as she is also known, is one of the most successful American fashion models, actresses and dancers today. Her plastic surgery is now a hot discussion topic. Some are still wondering what cosmetic surgery she has had done, and there are others who say that the results are clear.

Although only 30 years old, Ciara it feels like yesterday she made her debut in the music world. Time spares no one in its passing. Something Ciara had to understand from a young age. It looks then as if she has decided to remain young forever. What better way than to go under the plastic surgeon’s knife.

Ciara after breast augmentation and nose job

Ciara first became famous when she was younger and has kept building her image ever since. Although in the last couple of years she still remains a public figure. She has always got to keep herself looking her very best, irrespective of the cost. Although the plastic surgery may only be rumors, the results are obvious. Celebrity watchers have been watching Ciara for quite some time now. Then again, what are they supposed to do to one so beautiful. Her career has skyrocketed.

Her name is now renowned through celebrity magazines, making headlines. Not because of her career achievements but also because of her plastic surgery. Although speculation, it is obvious that she may have had a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation.

From recent photographs, there are noticeable changes on her face. Her nose is now more defined with the nostrils pinned back as well as the tip of her nose being pinched in. Bridge of her nose has also been reduced. Rhinoplasty has refined her nose shape. She now looks more elegant with her face features being appropriate.

Prior to her rhinoplasty, she became dissatisfied with her previous nose job. There was nothing wrong with the way things were before. When in fact all she had to do was use make up, which would have had the same effect to give her a better nose look. Her nose is more smaller now and you cannot fail to deny that she now looks more beautiful than she did before.
Her rhinoplasty is causing significant conversation. Any fans of Ciara’s also go on about her breasts. It is fairly obvious that she has had work done on her breasts, especially if you compare the before and after pictures as well as pictures of when she was younger.

Ciara before and after nose job and breast augmentation

In 2007, she had breast implants, this made her attractive to the public eye. Around this time she was known as hermaphrodite due to a rumor that she was a man who transformed herself into a woman. Breast augmentation was seen as a way of letting people know that she is a true woman.

Ciara denies all the rumors, although the before and after pictures cannot hide the fact that she has had plastic surgery. Her nose job is very clear to see. She looks so much more elegant and gorgeous.


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