Cindy Crawford plastic surgery

Cindy Crawford 11 years of plastic surgery for younger look?

Cindy Crawford, beautiful American model superstar was born on February 20th, 1966 in the Illinois state of USA. She started her work in the entertainment industry from the modeling that made her an international personality and this fame gifted her with opportunities to also work for the television programs. During the year 1995, The Forbes Magazine declared her top paid model of the age. This is not the limit to her success but beginning. She was also named number 03 on VH1’s “Top 40 Hottest Hotties” of 1990s and also named among top 100 Hottest Women on Earth All Time by the “Men’s Health Magazine”. She is also known for her mole just above her lips on left side of her face, which adds additional beauty in the actress. She gave her stunning appearance on the cover face of many renowned magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Allure, etc. She also appeared in many famous videos like the George Michael’s album “Freedom” during year 1990.

Cindy Crawford before and after plastic surgery

Cindy Crawford plastic surgery

During her interview to a magazine in year 2006, the super star model baffled most of among us with her stunning and astonishing revelation. She mentioned that she has been under various cosmetic surgeries over the past 11 years and she still visits the medical centers for the regular treatments. According to the model, the use of creams and other herbal treatments can give you the required results till you are 3o years of age but as the age passes, these treatments will only consume your pocket money giving no results. The only way-out to look smart and younger is to have BOTOX treatment and vitamin injections. If you see her photos in year of 1990s, she has smart and slim face but after few years you can clearly see her high cheekbones. It is result of cosmetic surgeries and she admitted the fact by herself.

Cindy Crawford before and after plastic surgery

Well there remains no need to further investigation the matter and to search for the reason because the super model actress described all the questions by herself. It was estimated that up to year 2006, the year of her revelation of surgery story, she had earned about 25 million Euros from this industry and all because of her natural beauty and face features. The truth hurt many of her lovers but for just little time. She is still has fame as she had before. She also takes active role in many charities and major ratio of her earnings goes in the hands of NGOs and medical centers. The only reason, she had lost her younger brother in her childhood due to leukemia. Till the dated, she has aim not to let any other child die for this reason. It is a good sight for a human being to be rich and beautiful from inside. This beauty can be obtained only when we serve humanity by our good deeds as in the case of Cindy Crawford. May God rest her brother’s sole in peace.


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