Claire Danes plastic surgery

Claire Danes is using plastic surgery?

Claire Danes Plastic Surgeries

Claire Danes was born on 12th April the year 1979 in Manhattan, New York. She is an American actress who is known for her natural beauty. Claire has featured in various movies such as Shop Girl, Romeo and Juliet, Me and Orson Welles and many others. She has also featured in TV program which has made her have a lot of fans. As a famous star, many people have recognized whatever she does, everything she has as well as any appearance change she has made.

Claire Danes plastic surgery

Has Claire Danes Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Whenever people get suspicious and have questions about your appearance, then they start to seek what you might have done to get these changes. Likewise, with Claire when people noticed her changes in appearance, they started comparing her before pictures with her recent pictures. Most of her fans raised their suspicion when they found out a significant change on her chest, lips and also the nose. It appears that Claire must have undergone some plastic procedures for her to acquire these changes.

Botox Injection

Many people get Botox injections so that they may maintain their youthful looks. Botox also minimizes the fine lines and wrinkles on the face. People believe that Claire is not an exception to Botox injections. The fact that she is already 38 years and she has no aging signs makes many people speculate. At her 30s, Claire appeared to show aging signs, but she dealt with them very fast. When you look at her before photos, you will notice that Danes had some wrinkles. Her recent pictures show a Danes that has no wrinkles but a skin which is very smooth. Botox treatments have transformed the looks of many celebs, and people think that Claire decided to go for the injections so as to gain self-confidence too.

Eyebrow Lift

Claire’s eyebrow also appears to be raised compared to how they used to look before. This is an indication of moderate eyebrow lift surgery which she had near the glabellar area. Her before photos also show that Claire had started developing some crow feet around her eyes. Many people suspect that she used Botox to remove them and this gave her a fresh young look.

Lip augmentation

Claire is also speculated of having lip augmentation. Looking at her before pictures, it appears that Claire had plump lips. Her recent photos show her having a mini trout pout lip which is a clear evidence of lip augmentation. It appears that her surgeon did a good job to her lips because she looks amazing with her new lips.

Claire Danes before and after plastic surgery

Breast Augmentation

Claire is also suspected of having breast implants. Looking at her before pictures, Danes appeared to have small breasts as well as a more flat chest. Looking at her recent pictures, you will see the big change because she now has a beautiful sexy frame. Her breasts appear to have increased her cup size, and her breasts are now fuller, bigger and rounder than they were before. This cup size appearance indicates that she had breast augmentation together with an implant.


Apart from her breast augmentation, it appears that Claire also had a nose job. Her recent pictures show her having a slimmer and narrower nose bridge with a refined tip as well. Claire‘s before pictures shows her having a wider nose and this change is evidence that Claire has had a nose job.


We congratulate her for her successful plastic surgery which seems to have been done perfectly giving her an elegant and wonderful look.


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