Coco Austin plastic surgery

Coco Austin Plastic Surgery on her butts and breasts!

This beautiful star is known from several names by her fans like Coco Austin, coco, coco Marie Austin, Coco-T but her actual name is “Nicole Marrow”. She was born on March 17, 1979 in the California State of the America. The blonde hair beauty star is well known for her body modeling, swim suites advertisements and her photo can be seen widely on the year calendars, catalogs and various videos as well on the television channels. She is of Serbian origin as her grandparents where from Serbia. The nickname “Coco” she got from her younger sister who used to call her Co-Co instead of Nicole. She also appeared in the movies like the Desert Rose released in year 2002 and The Dirty Monks in year 2004. Her guest appearances on the hit TV shows cannot be ignored like Hip-Hop Wives, RuPaul’s Drag Race 5, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and much more. There is no end to entertainment industry in Nicole life. She also married to Rap singer, Ice-T in year 2002. Both husband and wife gave a reality show in year 2011, Ice Loves Coco.


Coco Austin plastic surgery

Coco Austin Plastic Surgery

It has been noticed widely that Coco Austin had been under the knife but she had some different type of plastic surgery. Yes, Coco admits to have plastic surgery on her butts. If you look at her red carpet photos, you will have clear view after analyzing the before and after effects. She also admitted that she undergone for the plastic surgery of her breasts. According to resources, she adopted this decision because of her husband’s demand as he love to see her butts bigger. So, is it personal talk of two husband and wife? No indeed, it is really not because they announced the news before media personnel at various points. The butt implants gone successful and the surgeons put their hands quite clean to make the butts look natural but bigger in size. What we can say about her husband’s story on this matter that took her on the risk of her surgery. It should have been reality that Coco had to suffer a lot to have this surgery because it requires lot of care and rest. If you do not take care or sit improperly, you butts may also get little irregular in shape and the surgery is failed. No fault of surgeon here but it counts a lot how much he guides you.

Coco Austin before and after plastic surgery 02

Coco has got what her husband would have desired from her. She goes on beach in beach suits and small bikinis along with her husband and has become a point of attraction for her several fans. She is watched in various poses on the beach which reflects her back beauties and her husband should be proud of her wife. According to number of her fans, she might also undergo surgery for her breast as well just after her bums. It may be the effect of having rest on bed in such position that would have developed her breast in such a nice shape.


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