Conan O'Brien plastic surgery

Conan O’Brien Plastic Surgeries

Conan O’Brien Plastic Surgeries

Conan O’Brien was born on 18th April 1963 in Brookline, U.S.A. He is an American television host, television producer, and a comedian. He is popular for hosting various late night talk shows. He has hosted Conan on TBS channel as well since the year 2010. Conan was brought up in an Irish Catholic family unit. He also served as president of Harvard Lampoon while he attended Harvard University. While in university, Conan was a writer for sketchy comedy series known as Not Necessarily the News.

His fame begun at the age of 20 and this raised questions among many people how he keeps his good appearance in every show he hosted. There are also various notable works that this American TV host is known for. He was also Simpson’s producer for 2 seasons before he left for the late night shows. This producer is also a humorous and an unusual joker, and that’s what makes him maintain viewers on TV until the end of the show.

Has Conan O’Brien undergone plastic surgery?

It appears that plastic surgery is something that many celebs have turned to when working or appearing in front of the camera. This trend is not only seen on actors and actresses but presenters as well. Rumors have questioned the looks of Conan, and at least it is perceived that he has had plastic surgeries to maintain his natural looks when on TV and to his viewers. His surgery is clearly seen, and there are no doubts to that. Also, this producer is one of the American hosts known to go under the knife.

Conan O'Brien plastic surgery


You can tell the difference by only comparing Conan’s before and after pictures that this host has had Botox procedures. Conan has been on TV for decades, and it is easy to note any changes that he may have made. Before he used to have a more natural expression but at his age we expect him to have an aged face. From his recent pictures, we see him having a stiff and frozen face. His current look is not deniable that he has had Botox injections because his forehead is very smooth with no wrinkles or folding. People have speculated that he must have had Botox to maintain his looks. It is obvious that someone of his age should have aging signs like sagging face as well as wrinkles, but this is not what we see with Conan. Whether or not the host has had Botox injections, we are very certain that whoever who did the surgery did it perfectly because Conan has maintained his natural looks.


Conan is also said to have undergone an eyelid surgery. This procedure has made his eyes look rejuvenated. His recent pictures show that he no longer has wrinkles and bags around his eyes. This surgery was a successful one because he looks younger than his age.

Conan O'Brien before and after plastic surgery


Another procedure he is believed to have undergone is the facelift. To conform to this rumor, you can see from his thirties pictures and the recent photos that he has not changed. His face has even become smoother and tighter.


It is not bad for someone who has been on TV for so many years and with a lot of viewers to have cosmetic procedures to maintain an excellent look. Same case Conan should not be an exception or be judged for his procedures. His plastic surgeries have even made him even attract more viewers.


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