Courteney Cox plastic surgery

Courteney Cox before and after plastic surgery

About Courteney Cox, Before and After Plastic Surgery

We are in a generation where everyone wants to have an appealing external appearance. This is mainly to impress others. This is, however, more in females than in males. In particular females with a lot of contact with people. These are mainly actors and socialites. The issue of aging which affects mostly the ladies has made Hollywood a place with no fun. This results in pressure, as they want to still appear young while in the acting industry. It is very common for an actress to spend her millions of dollars on her body to ensure she remains younger. Some of the ways they use to achieve this include the use of injections, application of human growth hormones, and plastic surgery to help keep their skin off sagging. The problem with this is that are always ignorant of their side effects.

Courteney Cox plastic surgery

Courteney Cox has had several plastic surgeries. In an interview, she confesses that she had given up to the industry’s pressure and had adopted a plan B. This was as a result of suspicion on how she looked such young with her puffy cheeks on March 2012 during her appearance in the Good Day LA. In this scene, this star actress looked more natural with her sculpted check bones and more natural looking eyes and they were evidently wrinkle free. There was suspicion on how a 52-year-old looked such young and there had to be something that made her look that. According to daily mail, people commented that having been in the public eye for thirty years and above, something that had happened to her face that made her look unrecognizable. This resulted in a lot of requests from the public to have a retrospective on the famous Hollywood actress Courteney Cox.

Courteney cox confessed that she had to do anything, in her words she said that she is very open in trying to prolong the inevitable. She said she had been applying some botox. She said that she believed and used the lasers as she believes they wave some future for them that would like to look younger. She added that she had also just done some therapy. This is supposed to collagen. It helps to lift, tone and tightens one’s skin safely and time tested by the use of the ultrasound technology. This works on the areas such as the eyebrows, jawline, and jowls. It also helps in improving face wrinkles.

Before Courteney did surgery

She is one of the celebs who had not modified her nose at the age of 19.

At the age of 21-25 years, Courteney Cox maintained her boyish hairstyle that was quite adorable. She would accompany her pink makeup and this looked more natural. She had a beauty look and would have Frizzy hair accompanying her marsala lips. She would dye her hair to add her beauty. At age 38, she was still beautiful. She would accompany some raspberry lipstick with her brown hair which was very beautiful. For someone who was not familiar with her, they may not have recognized her as Courteney Cox as evidently, this was before botox and Restylane. In a nutshell, she was beautiful before doing plastic surgery bad had to maintain this as a necessity in the industry.

Courteney Cox before and after plastic surgery

Courteney Cox after starting plastic surgery

She started doing this at around age 45. She looks having well-inflated cheeks and a forehead that is frozen. At this age, it is quite evident that Courteney Cox is using some botox and fillers. She looks extremely fresher. She wears cold makeup and looks better than anyone else. Here, Courteney Cox has a very relaxed and youthful appearance. However, her cheeks look so unnatural. Impairing of botox happens after a while and she has to be doing this regularly to avoid wrinkles. She applies the lips and cheeks injections are so evident that are not hers. She has too much filler in her lips. She looks unable to smile properly.

She is known to look very young compared to her age. Courteney Cox says that it is hard and it makes her feel very different.

In her appearance in the Running Wild with Bear Grylls, Courteney Cox confesses and explains how she regrets having done plastic surgery. She says that this however made her learn some lessons. She accepts all she did and lives now by the principle of let it be.


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