Courteney Cox plastic surgery

Courteney Cox – plastic surgery – how it should be used!

2015 – Courteney Cox has almost reached her 50’s but she looks astonishing, young and attractive. Her popularity has started with popular TV show “Friends” and followed by “Cougar town”.

Courteney Cox plastic surgery has become the topic of discussion by media and audience.  The basic reason for these rumors is her youthful appearance. It has forced people to think that she might have taken some surgical treatment.

Courteney Cox plastic surgery

Has Courteney Cox Had Plastic Surgery?

Breast augmentation – after showing her self in a bikini on Cougartown the rumors have started. She had a baby and after breast feeding and almost 50 can they look so perfect?

Well we have to say that other things are pretty hard to detect. If you start looking pictures searching for traces of plastic surgery, you will think you found them but did you really? Pictures can be altered, shadows and techniques that were used to capture them can be different and the question is did she really do a lot of plastic surgery or just a few little things?

Courteney Cox before and after plastic surgery

Before and After plastic surgery?

We are going to start with Courteney’s statemens:

Unlike many others, like Nicki Minaj (see also Nicki Minaj plastic surgery) Courteney Cox believes that plastic surgery is something that should be used by any celebrity but it has to be used sparingly, in reference not to go excessive and to end up in plastic surgery gone wrong category on Michael Jackson level.

Courteney Cox before and after plastic surgery

She has admitted to getting Botox injections to stretch some of her wrinkles. She also commented that Botox is “fantastic and horrible.” What Courteney Cox meant was that botox makes difficulties in moving your face and can cause real problems for acting and expressing emotions to audience.


Courteney Cox was seen at the premiere of upcoming drama series “Hand of God” and she had a totally diferent look that, one again, started rumors bout undergoing plastic surgery. One again she denied all alegations but those puffy cheeks cannot full anyone! Courteney, who is now 51 years old, was married to David Arquette, and now is engaged with Johnny McDaid, previously admitet of using Botox but now we are guessing cheek implants and botox. All that has the effect on her eyes that now look much smaller.

Courteney Cox plastic surgery 2015

Anyway, for her age she looks amazing. I think that she is even prettier than in the beginnings of Friends. You can say that for any other Hollywood star. So Courteney keep up the good work on your body!

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