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Courtney Love 35 years of Plastic Surgery


In Hollywood, it seems as if there are no shortage of celebrities who undergo plastic surgery. Sometimes, some of these surgeries are very subtle and only add to the celebrity’s beauty. Other times, the procedure is taken far into the extreme. Usually in these cases, these superstars have undergone more than one procedure giving their face and body a look that is becoming less human and more plastic. A list of these includes Lil’Kim, Jocelyn “Cat Woman” Wildenstein, the late Joan Rivers and even Courtney Love. Most of the surgeries that Courtney Love has undergone have been speculated but there are a few that she confirmed she underwent in order to make in Hollywood.

Courtney Love before and after plastic surgery


Courtney Love was born in San Francisco, California on July 9th, 1964 as Michelle Courtney Harrison to parents Hank Harrison and Linda Carroll. She attended school both in Europe and New Zealand and at the age of 16, after being legally emancipated, traveled throughout Europe and began dancing. Still at that age, she traveled back to the United States to pursue music and eventually made her break into the music industry.

Courtney Love is talented woman and alternative rock musician who can play the guitar, the keyboard, and the bass and has impressive vocal skills. She is an actress, singer, songwriter and musician. In 1989, Love formed her own band, known as Hole that has released four studio albums (Live Through This (1994), Celebrity Skin (1998) and Nobody’s Daughter (2009)). Courtney Love’s current Net Worth is $150 million coming from her work in music, film and art. A majority of her wealth, however, is from her inheritance of the band Nirvana giving her publishing rights to her late husband’s work and materials believed to be worth between $115 to $130 million.

Besides being a great musician, Love is more known for her marriage to Nirvana lead singer, Kurt Cobain in 1992, her drug usage as well as her wild antics later after his death in 1994. It is speculated that it was during this time that Courtney Love began to undergo more plastic surgery procedures changing her appearance from one year to the next.

Courtney Love Plastic Surgeries

Courtney Love stated that her first plastic surgery was a nose job done in 1980s when she was in her 20s. Her reason for undergoing this procedure was because she felt as if her nose was too big and needed to be smaller in order to make it in the music and acting industry. Since then, her nose has undergone more noticeable changes two more times leaving it with a more refined look. She has also undergone breast augmentation, putting in and removing the implants. Currently, it looks like she has the implants in because her cleavage looks more refined and bigger and her chest looks more tone and tighter.

Courtney Love before and after plastic surgery

Botox injections, lip fillers and face lift/facial reconstruction surgery are also some procedures that Love may have undergone. She still has a toned and slim physique when she has made it clear that she does not enjoy exercising or sports. Her lips look different than in her younger years suggesting lip fillers. Lastly, her face looks smoother and has a younger look than her 50-year age suggests. This suggests a face-lift even though at first, the look was too extreme for her face. Currently it has evened out adding to her youth appearance.


Even with all these speculations about all the possible surgeries that Courtney Love has undergone, she has not denied nor regrets any of them. This makes her one of the few individuals in Hollywood that are actually fine with people knowing that they went under the surgeon’s knife to keep up their appearance.


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