Courtney Stodden plastic surgery

Courtney Stodden Plastic Surgery

Courtney Stodden has confirmed she has had breast enlargement surgery. She has gone from a size C to size DD. She is happy with her new look. Loves the shape. Adds more curves and it makes her feel more appealing. Before her breast enlargement surgery, she had never had any kind of plastic surgery. Double D vixen.

Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement plastic surgery is extremely popular. Courtney like other women chose to have this to increase her breast size for a fuller shape. This can affect confidence and feeling feminine which can be restored with this simple procedure.

Breast enlargement is one of the most popular procedures with highest satisfaction rate. Procedure takes 45-60 minutes in total under general anesthetic or local anesthetic with sedation. Local anesthetic is just a relatively new procedure designed to accommodate the needs of the patients who prefer this and can better tolerate local anesthetic.

A breast implant is inserted through a small incision made in the natural crease of the breast sealed with dissolvable stitches. Can be carried out as a day case or an overnight stay. Only high quality breast implants should be used. Time off of work following this procedure is advised.

Courtney is very confident and satisfied with her new look. She has stated that it makes her feel more like a woman.

Courtney Stodden after breast augmentation

Lip Injections

Courtney’s lip injections have given her fuller, plumper lips. Full lips like this are often linked with beauty and youth. Lip injections consist of injecting Restylane into the lips to give that fuller look and what is perceived to be breath taking beauty. Non-surgical alternatives are; lip plumper – where cosmetic products are used to make the lips fuller or a suction pump – where a vacuum pump device is used to increase blood to each lip and pull them out a bit.

Courtney has taken 100% upper lip injections which can be clearly seen in her photos. Her upper lip was very think and has now become much thicker, although seems swollen and fake.

Nose Job

In Courtney’s case, her nose job is not as easy to spot compared with her breast augmentation and lip injections. It is apparent if that the shape of her nose has changed. It has been debated that it is probable that uses facial fillers by the looks of her facial folds.   It can be seen however that the shape of her nose and its contour has changed drastically. The bridge is much smoother, aesthetic, natural.

Courtney Stodden after breast augmentation

Courtney Stodden has now debuted her post surgery body from C cup to DD . She has got the body she has always wanted, an optical illusion using Victoria’s Secret bras to make her breasts look bigger in photographs. Her body in reality imitates what is portrayed in the media. She has said that she is happy with her look after just having breast implants, nose job, hair extensions and lip injections. Her estranged husband loved her just the way she was.


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