Dakota Johnson plastic surgery

Dakota Johnson is using plastic surgery like her Mom?

Dakota Johnson is using plastic surgery like her Mom?

Dakota Mayi Johnson was born on 4th October the year 1989 in Austin, Texas. Her parents are great celebrities Melanie Griffith and Don Jonson. She went to Aspen Community School and later transferred to Santa Catalina School in California. In her childhood, Dakota Johnson was a model and a good dancer which made her feel fascinated by the entertainment world. Her career as a star began in the year 1999 where she first appeared in the Crazy in Alabama film. She later joined William Morris Agency models to undertake a modeling career. The 27-year-old actress has featured in several movies and also won various awards.

As she further emulated her family’s acting heredity, Dakota gained interest in the industry and was selected as Miss Golden Globe. However, she still focused on her studies rather than concentrating in entertainment work. She has featured in several movies such as Need for Speed, For Ellen and Goats, Date and Switch, 21 Jump Street, 50 shades of grey and others.

Dakota Johnson plastic surgery

Did Dakota Johnson go for plastic surgery?

Dakota’s Fifty Shades of Grey work gained the 27-year-old actress a significant publicity which made her more popular as well as having some speculations from fans. When compared to some of her before photos while she was younger, Dakota undoubtedly looks more stunning nowadays. Many people speculate that such a great beauty can only be gained by the aid of proper make-up and styling or even perhaps plastic surgery procedures.


Dacota’s before and after pictures shows that she has had a nose job. When you look closely at her photos, you will notice that the looks of her nose have slightly changed compared to her previous photos. Her before pictures shows that her nasals looked wider, and the nose tip was plumed but, in her recent photos we see that her nasals are refined, and the nose tip has become more sharp and pointed. This is clear evidence that Dakota has had rhinoplasty despite her denying the claims.


Dakota Johnson before and after plastic surgery

Lip injections

There is no doubt that Dakota has had lip injections. Her recent photos show her having her upper lip been fuller than her lower lip leaving many people with speculations. Lip injection is a trendy procedure that many actresses are going for; therefore it would be no surprise if Dakota is getting it or not.


You will also notice the significant transformation for this actress. All of a sudden, Dakota is already looking younger, fresher and more stunning which has made her eyes even become smoky and shimmery. She also gets darker than before. In her recent photos, you will notice that her brows are more perfected, fuller and skillfully angled at her inner corners making her have covetable admirers. Dakota has never confessed to having a brow lift and eyelid surgery; however, when you closely examine her before and after photos, you will notice these changes.

Breast Augmentation

Dakota is also believed to have gone for breast augmentation procedure. Photos show that the stunning actress has gone for this procedure so as to restore her breasts to their original preferred size. Many actresses have gone for this procedure to improve their figure balance while others choose it to enhance their self-esteem.

Whether Dakota has undergone plastic surgery doesn’t change a thing, but what we know is she has had some changes which have made her look more charming and natural as ever. Check out Dakotas mom Melanie Griffith.


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