Daniel Craig plastic surgery

Daniel Craig plastic surgeries

Daniel Craig plastic surgeries

Daniel Craig, on his full name Daniel Wroughton Craig, is an English actor who has born on 2nd of March 1968 in Chester, Cheshire, England. Daniel Craig is one of the most successful actors in the film industry, being known for a wide range of films, especially for the role played as James Bond since 2005. Due to his talent and roles, Daniel Craig won a wide range of awards such as Best Foreign Actor (2007) for the role played in “Casino Royal” or Best Actor in an Action Movie (2013) for the role played in “Skyfall”.

Daniel Craig plastic surgery

Daniel Craig admits that he had plastic surgery

Working and living in the film industry, Daniel Craig has seen a large number of actors who suffered plastic surgeries. Daniel Craig has accepted that he had a plastic surgery, but according to his words, this intervention was caused by a minor accident which happened during the shooting at the Quantum of Solace.

Daniel Craig said that after this accident, he remained with a scar on his face and due to this, he had to stop filming for a period and plastic surgeon helped him to remove that ugly scar. If we would trust Daniel Craig’s words, this is the only one plastic surgery that he suffered and it wasn’t done in order to satisfy his vanity.

Rumors about other plastic surgeries suffered by Daniel Craig

Even if Daniel Craig has told us about a small plastic surgery caused by a minor incident during filming in one of his projects, there are many rumors that speak about other facial interventions in order to look younger.

Plastic surgeon speaks about the fact that at his age, Daniel Craig may be interested in looking younger and fighting against his wrinkles. But even so, only before and after photos, analysis could support these rumors. Compared to other actors, Daniel Craig has not stirred up so many discussions regarding possible plastic surgeries.

Even the media admits that Daniel Craig is very fit at his age and due to this the rumors speaking possible plastic surgeries may be only rumors. His fitness is the proof that Daniel Craig is very careful with his body and health.

Daniel Craig before and after plastic surgery

Ideas claiming that Daniel Craig has not undergone surgery

Even if most of the fans that are used with actors taking plastic surgeries, there are opinions that support the idea that Daniel Craig has not accepted any plastic surgery. Why? Because he is proud of his wrinkles and the arguments of the media is that Daniel Craig has a lot of female fans that appreciate him for his look. As you can see, there are contradictory opinions regarding Daniel Craig possible plastic surgeries, besides that one that he admits to have suffered.

Final verdict

If we listen to rumors from the media, we may think that Daniel Craig has suffered some plastic surgeries in order to stay younger than his age. At the same time, even the authors’ of these rumors admit that the only proofs may be represented by before and after analysis of Daniel Craig’s photos. Due to this, we may choose to trust Daniel Craig’s words and accept that he suffered only one plastic surgery and this one has been caused by the small incident that we mentioned above in this post.


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