Danielle Fishel plastic surgery

Danielle Fishel plastic surgeries

Danielle Fishel plastic surgeries

Danielle Christine Fishel was born on May 5, 1981, in Mesa, Arizona to Jennifer (a personal manager) and Rick Fishel (a construction manager and owner of Team Fishel). Danielle is a Maltese-American actress, chef, author, TV director and a TV personality. She iss widely known for her role in the 1990s TV sitcom Boy Meets World, as Topanga Lawrence-Mathews. Her career started in 1991 at the age of 10 and has been steadily rising. In 2014; Disney channel confirmed her role in their series Girl Meets World.

As the years keep advancing; the speculations about Danielle Fishel’s looks have been asked continuously. Her lips are fuller; her facial structure has changed so much that the rumor mills speculate that Danielle Fishel may have had several plastic surgeries. Let us now explore the possibilities:

Danielle Fishel plastic surgery

Her Lips

It has been noted that her lips are fuller than they had previously been. While we can attest to the fact that Danielle has had her thick lips from the time she started her career. The speculations say that her lips are fuller than before hence she may have gotten a lip job recently to maintain her luscious lips. The challenge here is that people are saying that her lips are now more pouty than sexy. On this matter, the theories range from Restylane to Juvederm but no one can say that for certain if this is true.

Breast Augmentation

While this gorgeous actress has for the better part of her life, had some really impressive breasts; her photos from before and after implying some enhancement of the breasts. The speculation is that she has had breast augmentation done in the form of a lift following her much-publicized weight loss. Again while this is something that could be true; we are not yet ready to rule out the fact that the same results can be achieved through exercise, diet and even Photoshop can be used to achieve the results of before and after surgery!


The rumor mills are at it again concerning her nose. It is said that her nose is now more pointed compared to the more rounded nose that people were used to. Well; this may be hard to dispute, or even excuse. The nose generally is not one of the areas that on losses or adds weight. The rumors could be true, but then again every cell in our body completely changes every seven years. So again; we may just say that this is about the natural body cells regeneration.

Danielle Fishel before and after plastic surgery

These changes have seen people in social media say that Danielle Christine Fishel is becoming Angelina Jolie. This statement is most especially damaging for those looking to create their own brand name.


As we conclude, we still ask; has Danielle Christine Fishel had plastic surgery? The answer to this question we shall not fully know. This beauty that had everyone crushing on her, still remains a beau and has honed her acting skill over time. As for her looks, there’s more than one explanation as to how her looks can be achieved. And as long as this remains the case; we can only speculate till she chooses to clarify the matter. So for now; who knows if/what or even how the new looks are Danielle Fisbel’s plastic surgery before and after photos.


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