Daryl Hannah plastic surgery

Daryl Hannah plastic surgery gone wrong

Not only is she a famous actress, Daryl Hannah is also famous for being on the list of plastic surgery gone wrong. Daryl started to age with wrinkles and loose skin – like we all do. She tried to fix this with plastic surgery. She decided to have plastic surgery to look younger and it only made the problem worse.

Although the actress has never openly discussed this in the media, looking at the pictures anyone can see her new look is not natural. There wasn’t really any need for plastic surgery.

Daryl Hannah plastic surgery

Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery

Eye Lift

Daryl has had an eye lift in order to get rid of her sunken eyes and eye bags. There is no loose skin around her eyes and skin below the eyes is tight and firm. Her failed eye lift has made her eyebrows very small and her sexy eyes weird and unnatural.

Botox and Dermal Fillers

The actress now has a smoother face, more plump than before. No forehead lines, forehead is shiny and straight.

The actress has had Botox injections to hide wrinkles on her face. The intention was to make her face fuller, fresher, younger and lighter. However, she ended up with a puppet look. People claimed her face was already beautiful before surgery and that she would have aged gracefully and beautifully. She has ruined what she had.

Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures there is to hide wrinkles. Procedure done correctly can give temporary improvement of moderate to severe frown lines, creating a subtle more relaxed look. Effect is reversible. Lasts for three to six months. Cannot be used to support sagging face and neck skin, increase the volume of thin lips, or help skin imperfections such as thread veins. Wrinkle creams and other treatments may also be used which would better treat this, as well as derma fillers.

Daryl Hannah has also had an eye lift and cheek augmentation. Her cheeks are fuller, forehead tight with her face showing a total imbalance. Result of the over use of Botox. Plastic surgeons all agree she overdid it.

Daryl Hannah before and after plastic surgery

Cheek Implants

The actress now has a wrinkle free, fuller face. Her cheeks are larger than before, with the apples more evidently defined. Her face though is a bit puffed up, rounded and plum shaped.

Lips Implant

Her lips used to be thin and suited her. Now she has fish lips. Oral cavity looks larger with her upper lip larger than the lower one. Looks as if Restylane has been used. Disproportionate look to her face. Lips fuller and plumper.

Beauty lies in balance. Her plastic surgery has attempted to put her into a state that she would not have attained even if she were to age naturally. Success here out of the question. Plastic surgery gone wrong.

Probably the most odd thing is that the actress has denied ever having any type of plastic surgery at all, when from photos of her obviously has prove otherwise.


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