David Letterman plastic surgery

David Letterman Weight Loss and Transformations

David Letterman Weight Loss and Transformations

David Letterman was born on 12th April the year 1947 Indianapolis, Indiana. He is an American former television talk show host, producer, comedian, actor, and writer. He has a company known as Worldwide Pants which produced his show and previously produced The Late Show with Craig Ferguson. His company has also produced various prime-time comedies, and the best was Everybody Loves Raymond. His first debut talk show was Late Night with David Letterman on NBC. He has hosted a total of 6,028 episodes of the Late Night and Late Show. In the year 1996, David was ranked as 45th on the 50 Greatest TV Stars of All Time.

David Letterman plastic surgery

Has David Letterman had plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery has become a common thing to many celebrities recently. Many of them are doing it to maintain their youthful looks even after attaining an age of 60. Accidents also leave people with scars, so people have plastic surgery to reconstruct their body. Most people suffer from low self-esteem; therefore, celebs decide to take plastic surgery for them to rebuild their confidence. Surgery has therefore been known to help people boost their confidence by making them comfortable with their bodies. Diseases like cancer and heart diseases may also be a reason for having surgery.


David Letterman is a comedian and is believed to have also gone for plastic surgery although it was a health condition surgery. Letterman’s father died of a heart attack, but Letterman himself was fortunate enough to escape heart attack, but this happened because he had surgery. He had a scheduled checkup where he was found with a major arterial blockage around his heart. The 69-year-old comedian was lucky to undergo this angiogram procedure every year. He had no complications and even joked about the surgery after getting out of the hospital. His doctor said he had a heart muscle like that of a 20-year-old.

David Letterman weight loss and transformations

Recent pictures show David Letterman being completely unrecognizable with his bald head and bushy beard. The former CBS Late Show host seemed to have stopped his long-running exercise in May 2015, but later he is seen going for his sporting jog with a bushy white mustache and beard. He is also seen bald head unlike his before pictures where he was seen having a full head of hair. Despite his new looks from his recent pictures, David is seen to have good health as he got his exercises back. David’s transformation is seen to have started from the moment he handed his position to comedian Colbert. He was also once sported in New York City with the same beards and people even failed to recognize him, but his glasses made him look more like himself.

David Letterman plastic surgery

When asked about his new look, Letterman said that he always felt so tired of shaving his beards every day. He said he used to shave each and every day for 33 years. He said that he had promised himself when he is out of TV, he would stop shaving. He did exactly that, but it pissed many people including his wife, but to him, it was something he enjoyed.


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