Demi Lovato plastic surgery

Demi Lovato is using plastic surgery! Is it true?

Demi Lovato came into the limelight as some delicate, cute and lovely movie doll staring in films like Camp Rock, The Princess Protection Program, Sonny with a Chance, among others. She has since then transformed from the Disney Princess to a total punk. She occasionally wears black leather outfits and recently shaved one side of her head.

Rumor has it that Demi Lovato has had some plastic surgeries over time. Is it true? The truth lies in her before and after photos which clearly are not a match. The graceful best-selling singer has apparently had a breast job, nose job, and a lip filler procedure. While all this remain rumors, Demi Lovato has not confirmed or denied any of them, and it leaves the fans with the burden of observing the gradual change in her before and after photos.

Demi Lovato plastic surgery

Nose job

Also known as rhinoplasty, nose job remains one of the most popular plastic surgery in America. It is a trend in Hollywood and has been done by some famous celebrities like Rihanna and Jennifer Aniston. As seen in Demi Lovato’s before and after, Demi Lovato had a rounder and thicker nose ideal for her face. She now has a long, symmetrical, thinner and sharper nose which also fits her facial structure just fine. Nice choice of a nose, I hope it never falls off.

Breast Augmentation

A breast job is one of the easiest to spot because the implants make the breasts tighter, rounder and bigger than the usual size. Demi Lovato used to have a significantly flatter chest in her older pictures but in the recent photos, her breasts are suddenly bigger. More evidently in her recent photos, she has a more pronounced and deeper cleavage. Still, this remains an allegation; some argue that her breast changes are as a result of natural growth. For a 23-year-old her breasts should be fully grown. There is an element of truth in that because Demi Lovato started her career early; she obviously would change as she was growing up. Either way, if she had a breast augmentation, it was perfectly done to match her body size and shape. Nothing over the top.

Lip fillers

This procedure remains one of the most controversial rumors about Demi Lovato’s Plastic surgeries. Some growth and hormone aspects have been used to explain her before and after, but this one must have some other explanation. Earlier on, she had thin lips, but recently her lips are fuller. Did she have plastic surgery or is she just good at applying her lipstick? It remains unknown.

Demi Lovato before and after plastic surgery

Chin Implants

There have been speculations that Demi has been playing around with the idea of getting chin implants to make her face more ‘American’. Whatever that means, I hope it won’t be another case of a botched surgery.

Most of Demi’s cosmetic surgeries are hard to pinpoint for a fact thanks to her young age. If she actually got them, she did it with moderation and a cloud of mystery hangs over those rumors. No Pamela Anderson burst or Amanda Lepore’s lips. Overall she still looks pretty good! Plastic surgery or not.


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