Denise Richards plastic surgery

Denise Richards 3 Plastic Surgeries for perfect breasts

Denise Richards 3 Plastic Surgeries for perfect breasts

Actress and former model Denise Richards is well known among the public and has a career that goes as far back as 1998 when she starred in Wild Things with co-star Neve Campbell. She has a strong talent for acting, a sexy pout, and a killer body- but have you ever wondered how she got her model-worthy body? Denise Richards, like many other Hollywood stars, has gone under the knife. Unlike many of the stars before her, her surgeries have been a relative success with little to no complications. Here is a brief overview of the procedures she has undergone in her quest for beauty.

Denise Richards plastic surgery

Breast Implants

When she was 19, Richards had a breast augmentation to remedy her flat chest. The actress did not do her research and ended up with a chest that she was unhappy with. She tried again and got her breast implants changed. The plastic surgeon fit her with bigger breasts, and once again, Richards was not happy. In an interview, she openly admits that she rushed into her surgeries and did not do the necessary research before her surgeries. In the case of the second surgery, however, she says that the surgeon wanted to give her unnaturally large breasts due to the growing popularity of large breasts among female celebrities.

She tried a third time, and thankfully, liked the results. The third pair of implants suit her thin frame and are not too noticeable. They look natural and give her the curves that she desires. Over 20 years after having her first breast surgery, Denise Richards can finally enjoy the shape of her breasts.


Botox and Fillers

Richards has also gone under the knife to improve the look of her skin and keep it looking youthful. In older photos of her, it is clear that she has not had any work done on her face- she has wrinkles and her skin appears to be starting to sag. However, in newer photos, her skin looks tight and the noticeable wrinkle in between her eyes is virtually gone, as are the small wrinkles under her eyes. Her eyes also look wider, leading us to believe that botox was at work in those areas. It is also said that her face lacks movement in areas where movement should be.

Denise Richards before and after plastic surgery


Lips change their shape and appearance as people age, and Denise Richards’ lips are no exception. According to plastic surgeons, the drastic lift that her lips took is most likely due to fillers and soft tissue injections. Richards has neither confirmed or denied either of these claims, though, so no one can say for sure if she has had her lips worked on.

Regardless of whether she has had cosmetic surgery done above her collar bone area, it is safe to say that Denise Richards looks as beautiful as ever. It also safe to assume that she will continue to be a shining example of how plastic surgery can enhance a person’s beauty for as long as she is in the spotlight.


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