Diana Ross plastic surgery

Diana Ross plastic surgery for beautiful skin in 70’s?

Diana Ross, the legendary singer, actress and the song writer, born in Detroit, the Michigan state of the United States of America in year 1944. Diana Ross is also founder of the sound group, The Supreme, which became one of the most popular singing groups during the 1960’s and won heart of the listeners and highly applauded. It also remained leading selling brand of America during the time of its peak. She also played vital role in promoting the Beatles worldwide during the 1980’s and gave hit songs.

It also gave another life to the African-American group the R&B. Few hit songs are “Where did our love go”, “come see about me”, “You can’t love hurry”, “Love child”, and much more. Despite successful entries in the entertainment industry, she married twice but both time failed to secure the relationships. However, this is just beginning for this beautiful singer and she had lot of contributions to this industry till date. She was also honored with the award for her achievements by the George W. Bush on December 02, 2007.

Diana Ross before and after plastic surgery
Diana Ross plastic surgery

If we look at her recent photographs and compare with her early age photos, you may go totally confused, how it might be possible for someone to maintain her look and face expressions so glowing and fresh. The 71 years old super star has gone through all of these options. After span of more than six decades, she has same face features and even the skin is still so young that contains very little wrinkles or even no wrinkles. Even the media personnel have also claimed at various points that she might undergone for some facelifts or BOTOX procedures to remove her natural wrinkles on her face and neck. But, Diana Ross have always denied such predictions and called it just a mere rumor. Whatever she has, it is all natural and she is thankful to God for all his blessings.

It is hard to believe for most of her fans in this industry and worldwide but a majority is of view that the freshness is due to her personality traits. She is kind, innovative, and never had showed pride for her achievements. It is keeping her fresh all the time. There is no medical clue for her to undergo for any plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures, face fillings or any sort of Botox procedures. In her recent interview on Oprah, she admitted live on TV show that she has great love for her age features on her face, lines around lips and neck, skin because all of these things are natural and God gifted. She looked so young and glowing making everyone just baffled regarding the possibility of these features even after the age of 71, when many of us became so old and hard to even sit or stand. This all has never come in the fate of Diana Ross. Indeed, she is still fresh like a Rose and we pray for her long life ahead with full of joys and happiness because she deserves this.




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