Diosa Canales – Playboy’s bunnie ruptured silicone while dancing on pole

Diosa Canales – plastic surgery disaster!

Pole dancer was rushed to hospital after falling during the dance on the chest, and one of her silicone cracked. Venezuelan model Diosa Canales has repeatedly increased the breast, during pole dancing she lost her balance. She fell to her chest, which cushioned her fall, but on impact one of the implants snapped. Diosa, whose real name Dioshaily Rosfer Canales Gil, was born in the small town of El Tigre in the north of Venezuela. Former Playboy Playmate after modeling career, which brought her army of fans, decided to do pole dancing.


Diosa Canales before and after plastic surgery

From the hospital she sent a message to her fans: “My dear, yesterday I underwent emergency surgery, after I fell while I was practicing pole dancing, and one of the implants has cracked. I want to tell everyone not to worry, I’ll be fine.” She has published photos and operations.

Diosa Canales before and after plastic surgery

Canales has more than a million followers on Twitter and a half million followers on Instagram, and became famous in August 2014 after she took her clothes off for twittcam. In just 12 minutes, she collected 30,000 spectators, and then Twitter shut down her streaming. In addition, she once promised to strip if Venezuelan football team wins a competition.

Diosa Canales dancing samba


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