Donald Trump plastic surgery

Donald Trump plastic surgery for our president?

Donald Trump is no doubt the most famous person globally. Everybody including world media, the internet, magazines and other journals, are currently focusing on Trump to improve on their publicity. His critics from all corners of the world desperately throw mud at him from all angles in order to jeopardize his presidential bid.


Well it is over! Donald Trump won the election. We have a new president and this will definetly be an interesting period. Melania is a new first lady! That is actually the second time in US history that first lady is not born in the US.

Donald and Melania plastic surgery

Many of Trumps critics have adversely criticized him regarding his facial appearance whereby many of them have argued that his facial appearance does not march his age. Many of them believed that Trump underwent a facelift to maintain his youthful look. Most of Trumps age mates and those in the same position, who are the wealthiest and most famous men and women, undergo a facelift in order to look younger and rejuvenated and maintain their youthful appearance. There are many types of plastic surgery solutions that fits Donald Trump and which is believed to have undergone in order to improve his appearance and be more revitalized.

Donald Trump plastic surgery

Skin Transformation

Donald Trump has been more cautious about his skin appearance and his outward look. His outlook has been a subject of various media houses who have tried to investigate on his youthful appearance despite his age. It is said that Trump may have been exposed to too much sunlight at some times in life causing what seems to be sun burns on his skin. He decided to correct these defect by undergoing a skin peel process in order to correct the sun burns. The skin peel was professionally designed to give Trump a new look on his face and help him stay rejuvenated despite his age. The skin peel fitted him a lot and that is the reason behind his current soft and smooth skin that depicts a completely rejuvenated skin.


These is a plastic surgery that is done to correct any defect in the earlobes or generally to make your ears look attractive and good. This kind of plastic surgery is considered to be one of the most delicate ones and is being done by only specialized surgeons. Trump afforded the earlobeplasty due to his massive wealth. It has completely improved Trumps facelift as he now looks more attractive after the surgery. These has contributed to his attractive looks.

Donald Trump before and after plastic surgery


These are the kind of plastic surgery administered on the eyelids with a vital purpose of reducing or completely removing excess skin in the eyelids. This process attains a completely natural facelift, giving a reason as to why Trumps eyelids looks natural even after the surgery. Before the surgery, Trump had a trooping skin below his eyelids and his upper lids had a fat bag that was corrected during the surgery.

Cheek Implants

Many people laments that Trump had dwindling skin on his cheek bones that made his face to somehow droop due to his age. This defect was corrected by the cheek implant which assisted in picking up the loose skin and makes him look younger and rejuvenated.

The issue of Trump’s plastic surgery has helped him in more ways than one. Despite the fact that many of his opponents use it to tarnish his name, his supporters believe that making plastic surgery is own choice and has no political effects. Plastic surgery has made him popular among many.


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