Dove Cameron plastic surgery

Dove Cameron’s Transformations using plastic surgery

Dove Cameron’s Transformations

Dove Cameron is a 21 year old American actress and singer from Seattle. Dove’s real name is Chloe Hosterman. She was born in 1996 and started her career in 2012. After appearing briefly on two episodes of Shameless and starring in TV movie Bits and Pieces, and a singing hit ‘Count me in’; she rose to fame through Disney’s Liv and Maddie show in which she plays both Liv and Maddie. More recently, she appeared in the 2014 Disney Original Movie ‘Cloud 9’. Starting at the age of 16, Dove has since come a long way in a very short span of time.

As Dove grew from a teenager to a young star, she underwent some significant changes on her face. Put together her older pictures with the latest ones and you are bound to notice the drastic differences – particularly about her nose and lips. Originally Dove had a long nose and somewhat of a distinctive bump on her nose. She also had narrow lips when she was younger. There are plenty of speculations about Dove undergoing plastic surgery soon after her arrival in LA. Her latest pictures show a completely different set of nose and lips.

Dove Cameron plastic surgery

What are the extent of enhancements Dove has had done?

It is said that Dove underwent a rhinoplasty procedure to get rid of the broad nose bridge she had naturally. Her nose is now smaller and definitely has a narrow bridge and pointy nasal tip. Although some fans consider her transformed nose bizarre, it is preferable to the broad bump she had originally. Nose jobs are risky procedures and we have seen so many gone wrong in the past. Dove’s alleged nose job seems to have been successful after all.

Dove also seems to have undergone a treatment for lips. Her natural lips were narrow as can be seen from older pictures. However, her latest public appearances show much fuller lips. It seems she get her lips injected with gel for a full pout. These lip injections need to be administered every 6-12 months; which is why you might see a bit of fluctuation in the size of her lips across events and time.

Another transformation Dove is suspected of having is having fuller cheeks and dimples. From surgeons to fans and critics, everyone speculates that she has undergone cosmetic surgery to enhance her looks. Her face looks fuller now thanks to cheek implants.

Dove Cameron before and after plastic surgery

What does Dove Cameron have to say about cosmetic surgeries?

Dove denies having any surgery done for cheeks and lips. Although Dove denies having of these surgical procedures, her before and after pictures talk otherwise! These procedures are not uncommon, as many young celebrities undergo surgical treatments, thinking it will somehow guarantee rise to fame. However, undergoing these treatments at such a young age is a concern. While surgeries have enhanced looks for many celebrities, on the other hand, it ended up destroying the looks of many naturally beautiful celebrities as well. Let’s hope she is satisfied now and puts a stop to the cosmetic enhancements. She has a long career ahead of her and we hope she maintains what is left of her natural looks.


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