Drew Barrymore plastic surgery

Drew Barrymore cute girls use plastic surgery too!

Drew Barrymore Plastic Surgeries

The pretty girl, Julia Sullivan, from “The Wedding Singer”, “The Poison Ivy” and the amnesiac girl from the “50 First Dates”. This charming girl with her funny and witty attitude. Rumored that she underwent some plastic surgeries. From one of her interviews, Drew Barrymore admitted that she was not against plastic surgery.

Breast Reduction

Drew had her breast reduced from D cup to 34 C Cup. A plastic surgeon said that Drew admitted of having a breast reduction in her younger years. It was due to the strain and weight that large breasts cause. Gave some discomfort and pain on shoulders and back. Another reason was the fact that men got too much curious about it. It made her feel very awkward. The obvious change in Drew’s breasts was seen evidently. She had more perky breasts and noticeably lifted breasts than before.

Drew Barrymore plastic surgery

Botox and Dermal Fillers

Drew got a shiny glow that lighted her forehead. This meant that Drew could possibly have dermal fillers to smooth her fine lines and wrinkles. Her cheeks and lips looked so plumped too. The younger look of Drew could be compared with Hebe, the goddess of youth.

Nose Job or Rhinoplasty

Drew admitted that she underwent rhinoplasty procedure. She claimed that she had sinusitis which caused some effects to her health. Since her teenage years, this condition affected her health so she decided to undergo this procedure. This procedure caused a modified and newly shaped nose. Her nose got thinner and more pointed. It was pinched a little and nostrils became smaller. The new nose gave her a cuter and sweeter look.

Drew admitted that she underwent plastic surgeries.

She told that it was because of some health issues and not for some beauty enhancement purposes. To some experts, to achieve ease after a breast reduction or to find it easier to breathe after some rhinoplasty procedure are some benefits that should be grateful of. These procedures are often suggested not only for you to look better but, often times, to give you a healthier body as well.

Drew Barrymore before and after plastic surgery

An improved physical appearance could boost self-confidence. It could make a person feel good. It could enhance mental and physical health. It could also put extra weight off. It could expose people to more opportunities. These were some benefits which could yield positive results and could promote a positive outlook in life.
In her early 40ish, Drew still looks very cute. Before and after her plastic surgeries, she is still naturally beautiful. She maintains her youthful beauty through the help of science. It is every girl’s role to keep her beauty. It is more preferable to say that it is the women’s responsibility to keep the world more beautiful. To keep the world more beautiful means to keep herself more beautiful too.
In time, when beauty comes off naturally and science fail, Drew will still be the Charlie’s Angel as she was once. The charming and playful actress and the producer who we always love and admire for the times that she once touched our hearts and made us laughed too.


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