Dwayne Johnson plastic surgery

Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” and plastic surgery procedures

Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” and plastic surgery procedures

Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” was born on 2nd May the year 1972 in Hayward, California. He is an American-Canadian actor who began his career as a wrestler. He was part of the World Wrestling Federation from the year 1996 to the year 2004. He is also known to have 17 WWE Championship reigns. Dwayne Johnson seemed to have changed his wrestling career to acting career.He was also named as the top grossing actor in the year 2013. Dwayne has featured in various movies such as Fast and Furious, Get Smart, Southland Tales, G.I Joe, Why Did I Get Married To You, Race To Witch Mountain, Doom, Pain and Gain just to mention a few.

Dwayne Johnson plastic surgery


Has Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” gone for plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is not only a field which is dominated by women but also men. It appears that men are choosing to go for plastic surgery not only to enhance their appearance but also to remain competitive in the celebrity world. Men are getting the pressure to appear fine so as to improve their career. They also believe that the better their appearance then, the more serious they will be seen by their employers. They as well believe that plastic surgery will give them the frame over their colleagues whom they take as their competitors.

Just like many other male celebrities, Dwayne is believed to have had cosmetic surgery procedures which seemed to be shocking to many of his fans because it is more of a feminine procedure. Most men’s plastic surgery procedures are rhinoplasty, liposuction, ear shaping, gynecomastia which is also known as breast reduction and eyelid surgery. Dwayne “The Rock” is believed to have gone for some of these procedures which make most of his fans gossip about it.


Dwayne, also known as  “The Rock” is speculated of having a male breast reduction which is also known as Gynecomastia. When you see his before pictures, you will notice that Johnson had larger pecs than the recent photos even if he is a man with masculine muscles. His recent pictures show  “The Rock” having deflated pecs and his nipples raised higher on his chest compared to his before plastic surgery pictures. There is an apparent difference in his recent pictures which is an obvious result of plastic surgery procedure. Most people think that breast reduction is only done by women but this is not true. But the 44-year actor decided to go for the breast lift because he felt that he had started becoming too big around the chest area.

Lip surgery

It is also speculated that Dwayne has had lip surgery as well. The wrestler and actor came out clearly and said he had lip surgery  back in the year 2005. We can also see this from his pictures. He appears to have slimmer lips compared to before, and he says that he did this procedure to remove excess tissues from his lips.

Dwayne Johnson before and after plastic surgery


Johnson is also seen to have had facelift procedure. From his before and after plastic surgery pictures, we can tell that Dwayne has not only gone for liposuction but has also done a facelift. When looking closely at his recent pictures, we can see a slight hint of a facelift which also made a change in his eyebrows. His recent pictures show him having raised eyebrows compared to his before pictures.

Dwayne finally admitting to his plastic surgery procedures

Surprisingly, Johnson admitted that he got cosmetic surgery procedures. Even if Dwayne admitted to these speculations, it is clear that he has retained his masculine body and still looks natural just like before.


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