Elizabeth Berkley plastic surgery

Elizabeth Berkley and all the plastic surgery rumors

Elizabeth Berkley and all the plastic surgery rumors

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren also called Jessie Spano, (born on 28th July 1972) is a famous American and Hollywood actress widely recognized by many for her role in the movie Saved by the Bell and Showgirls. However, reasons behind her popularity have shifted from acting to plastic surgery in the recent past. She is rumored to have undergone facial filler injection surgery (Botox and microdermabrasion), liposuction, breasts and nose job for the sole reason of looking different. Though she has consistently denied doing any plastic surgery, most people believe it’s true just by observing the differences in her photos.

Elizabeth Berkley plastic surgery

Elizabeth Berkley before and after surgeries

Berkley, even at the age of 43, looked young with a wrinkle-free, smooth face and a high nose. It’s with such perfect face that she defied the odds and went for beauty surgeries, leaving wondering why she did it. It’s hard to notice the changes, but here is how she has changed since undergoing the surgeries.


Before surgery, Berkley had a lovely nose with a shorter tip. While the previous nose was not big, it was a bit higher. After surgery, the nose has become somewhat smaller, thinner, slightly lower and with a more pointed tip. It’s not easy to notice this difference, but the moment you do, you will wonder why she had to change a nose as beautiful as hers.


Before surgery, Elizabeth had smaller breasts. Although she always denies it, the audience cannot be blind enough to note the changes from her youngest days. For sure, no chest that can change so much that even if you use a thickest padded chest bra, people will not realize, especially when you are at Berkley’s age. After surgery, anyone can see that her current breasts are bigger and fuller. Above all, it’s not normal for a 43-old woman to have such an improvement on her cup size if not for a chest implant.


With somewhat sagging skin and free wrinkles disappearing from her face, the reality that she has done Botox injection is evident. The face has also resumed a little fake, glossy and tense look. With two very strange eyes and a face stretched out of size, it no longer looks natural.

Elizabeth Berkley before and after plastic surgery

General body physique

After surgery, Berkley looks more slim and stunning than before. Most of her fans think she now looks more beautiful than before.


Appearing in a great shape and looking beautiful is what each female celebrity will go for from plastic surgery. Comparing Berkley’s photos before and after she underwent plastic surgery, it’s not easy to tell the differences, except for her two particular color eyes. With a few wrinkles around her mouth, a black curly ruffled hair, eyes with thick, bushy eyebrows and a blonde woman with a higher nose, impressive eyebrows, flawless skin and a radiant smile of her type, Berkley looks stunning. However, whether she went for the youngest makeup style or the most expensive cosmetics, it remains rare to look younger than she is without a cosmetic surgery with regard to her previous and current photos.

After all, it’s not about how much dollars you spend. Rather, it’s all about how you will look. Elizabeth Berkley Lauren apparently does not care about her appearance because she truly knows how to comfortably manage her looks at 43 years old.


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