Elizabeth Hurley plastic surgery

Elizabeth Hurley in 50’s with wrinkle free look?

Elizabeth Hurley before and after plastic surgery

Elizabeth Hurley, popularly known as Liz Hurley, is on her 50s being born back in the year 1965 in Basingstoke, England. Her life from the start has been revolving around the celebrity figure, owing to her aspirations to become a dancer in her 20s. All went well for her in the celebrity path, especially on her acting career when she launched her first firm, Aria, produced by Don Boyd about 30 years ago. As an actress, she is mostly known for the role in her Movie, Bedazzled. At the age of 29, Elizabeth Hurley got engaged by Estee Lauder, as a spokesmodel. Though with minimal experience, she managed to pull through to the point of fame she is in now. The biggest question now is, how has she maintained her awesome look for all these years? All little face with wrinkle free look? This beauty point has triggered multiple reactions among her fans that she has had Botox, facelift, and breast job. With all these allegations, she has consistently denied involvement in any plastic surgery, in fact, she appears to welcome the idea that she would do it later in her life. Let’s have a look at Elizabeth Hurley, plastic surgery, before and after.

Elizabeth Hurley plastic surgery

Breast augmentation

There have been allegations implicating Miss Hurley on breast implants. Well, it is natural and obvious to contemplate on the same because her breast size gets bigger and better with time. Her breast size was proportionate to her body size. Her boyfriend too complimented that she had the best breasts ever. However, her breasts have become bigger and lifted as compared to how they were in the past. Maintaining growth of the bra size to 36, as compared to 30, about ten years ago, considering the aging factor is not a joke. After her pregnancy, her breast size increased in size, triggering opinion of plastic surgeons that she probably underwent silicone or saline implant. This procedure mostly helps to adjust the position of the nipple and to tighten the sagging breasts. However, she has firmly defended herself from these allegations and maintained that she is as natural as she is.

Botox and Facelift

Botox is a drug used cosmetically to remove wrinkles. Mostly, it is by injection. This news was the first rumor Elizabeth Hurley had. Well, basing the argument on the pictures that spread all over the internet, it seems that she had something done on her face. In her 50s, she has a wrinkle free skin. Comparing her before and after the alleged plastic surgery, it is shocking how the celebrity has not had any plastic surgery. She has all along defended herself, claiming that she is very natural.

Lip Injection

Elizabeth Hurley lips look exaggerated than before. In comparison, she had normal lips in the past, but it appears that her upper lip is extra larger than the lower lip, a condition mostly triggered by injection of Radiesse, a plastic surgery substance. The volume of her lips has overwhelmingly grown triggering the argument that she uses lip fillers.

Elizabeth Hurley before and after plastic surgery

Non-Surgical Treatments

Apart from the noted possible surgeries suspected to have done on Liz Hurley, she might perhaps have used other non-surgical treatments to maintain her appeal. Comparing herself with other men and women in her age group, she looks considerably young, in fact, she appears to be in her 30s. She might have been using techniques like laser skin resurfacing and non-invasive skin care treatment to maintain her smooth skin all along.

All in all, as affirmed earlier, she has not done anything to her skin, breasts or even her lips, according to her declarations. She is as natural as she was formulated and apart from the regular cream and lotion, which we all use, she has nothing extra. We can judge her according to how we perceive from her past and present look, but according to her statements, she is natural. Maybe people judge her by comparing her to her age group and not considering her physical non-aging factor. Judgment is free, judge her in your opinion, she has expressed her say on this.


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