Elle Macpherson plastic surgery

Elle Macpherson Supermodels also use plastic surgery!

Elle Macpherson Supermodels also use plastic surgery!

Elle Macpherson is an international supermodel whose operations are based in Australia. She has managed to capture the attention of the people for a long time and this became a problem in the acceptance of her age. Recently, Elle Macpherson has made observable changes in her looks which are results of apparent plastic surgery. The supermodel used plastic surgery to make body changes that we can clearly see in before and after the plastic surgery.

Breast implants

Elle Macpherson was one of the few ladies with the unique C-shaped breast cups. Recently, the shape changed to a D-shaped. There is a noticeable change before and after the plastic surgery. The changes made in the shape of the breasts came as a result of enlargement. At the age of 51, there is an expected change in the overall appearance of the shapes and the sizes.


Elle Macpherson plastic surgery


Lip augmentation

In comparison, before and after the plastic surgery, Elle Macpherson’s lips were slimmer. Currently, her lips are thicker which are not likly for e a woman of her age. Naturally, the lips grow plumper after an augmentation and this is evident from the model.

Botox injections

Elle Macpherson has developed a smoother face which is not likely at her age. At 51, there is an expectation of wrinkles on the face which confirms the development of the late years. In comparison before and after the plastic surgery, the model seemed to have more wrinkles when she was younger. She keeps growing smoother and more relaxed as she ages. The use of Botox in smoothening the face is evident. The supermodel appears younger day by day. Her countenance looks more appealing and she appears to be growing younger with increasing years. Most wrinkles are seen on the forehead with the increasing years. Elle Macpherson’s forehead appears shinier which indicates the use of Botox to maintain the young look. In the past, the supermodel admitted to the use of Botox but her current countenance shows a positive result on the application.


Eyebrow lift

Elle Macpherson before and after images show the clear signt that she used the plastic surgery for eyebrow lift. Initially, her eyebrows were a little lower than they are now and after the surgery, the position has been raised. Though appealing, the Elle Macpherson has completely changed her looks to a much younger person than was first known. The plastic surgery done on the eyebrows has brought back her youthful appearance and a positive desired result on the quality of her looks.

Elle Macpherson before and after plastic surgery

Nose job (rhynoplasty)

Another likely plastic surgery which she appears to have undergone is the change of the position of her nose. The comparison between her nose and her face indicates an open displaced position. In taking the different pictures of Elle Macpherson before and after the surgery, the position of her nose does not seem to be conforming. The plastic surgery makes her look more beautiful with more attractive features than before she underwent the procedure.


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