Ellen DeGeneres plastic surgery

Ellen DeGeneres plastic surgery – Why she looks so young?

Almost everybody in Hollywood has tried plastic surgery at one time in their lives, even if it is the non-invasive type of plastic surgery. Most of the celebrities have the obsession of looking younger, sexier and more attractive, thereby creating more jobs for the plastic surgeons. Some of the celebrities may own up to it while others may try hiding the truth from the public by claiming that they are natural. Either way, considering the nature of the business, most of them do it. Their obsession for plastic surgery can be justified since they spend most of their time on cameras and, therefore, have to look as attractive as possible. Even those with the ‘super genes’ can’t resist the temptation of getting a little nip here and a tuck there just to make sure that everything is perfect with them.

Ellen DeGeneres plastic surgery

Ellen DeGeneres has not been left out. Considering the size of the fan base that she commands, Ellen DeGeneres can do anything to make sure that she remains young and beautiful. The award-winning American Idol has been obsessed with her beauty and could not stand the phase of her aging skin. Despite being 57, Ellen DeGeneres has the looks of a woman in her mid thirty’s. It definitely can’t be natural, and there is more than meets the eye in her gorgeous looks.

Ellen DeGeneres plastic surgery

Reports about Ellen DeGeneres plastic surgery first burst into the limelight in 2007 and since then, several other episodes followed. Some ‘insiders’ have claimed that the American beauty has been obsessed with her looks, a thing that has jeopardized her marriage with Portia de Rossi whom she married in 2008 after dating for four years. The couple that has been happy for a long time now is reportedly set to appear in a divorce court to end their troubled marriage.

However, unlike other celebrities who decided to perform heavy plastic surgery to have their looks change overnight, Ellen made a smart decision regarding her operations. She has performed small operations over the years that make her look almost natural. According to reports, Ellen’s first Necklift and Botox operation was performed around 2008 when she married Portia de Rossi. This had a significant impact on her looks as she looked younger and sexier than other women her age at the time. The good thing was that her makeup staff worked around the clock to ensure that the surgery looked as natural as possible.

Ellen DeGeneres before and after plastic surgery

Ellen changed her looks again in 2009 when she became the judge at ‘The American Idol’ Series, a show that attracted millions of viewers across the globe. At this time, reports emerged that she had performed a facelift that was meant to prepare her for the big audience.

So far, all the procedures performed on Ellen DeGeneres were successful and very instrumental in enhancing her looks. It is therefore after this success she decided to look younger by having blepharoplasty and laser peel to have the skin around her eyes toned. Every operation that Ellen DeGeneres went through had a big impact on her beauty and as an icon that is looked upon by people worldwide.


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