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Ellen Pompeo Gone Under The Knife?

Has Ellen Pompeo Gone Under The Knife

The Before and After Pictures Clear The Doubts

The Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo is undoubtedly one of the most stunning actresses in Hollywood today. Already in her 40’s the actress shows off enviably fuller cheeks and minimum wrinkles. Although Ellen has repeatedly denied having any plastic surgery, one cannot help but wonder whether that porcelain perfect skin can truthfully be all natural!

Career and Success of Ellen Pompeo

The talented Ellen Pompeo started her career in 1996 with a television series named Law & Order. Some of her more famous works include movies like Catch Me If You Can, Old School and Daredevil. Although the actress have some blockbuster movies to her credit, she is more renowned for her role as Meredith Grey in the highly popular TV series Grey’s Anatomy. The high points of Ellen’s career include the Satellite Award for Best Actress’ in 2007 and the People’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Drama Actress’ in 2013.

Ellen Pompeo plastic surgery

Ellen Pompeo Plastic Surgery Rumors

Well, the practically wrinkle free face and puffy cheeks of the actress have given rise to plastic surgery rumors time and again. Although she has denied going under the knife, the before and after pictures tell a different story. One of the most incredible things about Ellen is that her appearance has been almost same for years. In her 20 years of career that actress never had any visible wrinkle on her face. Can it be all natural? Well, there are doubts!

The Fuller Cheeks

In the before and after pictures of Ellen Pompeo shows visibly fuller cheeks. While some experts say it can be a result of weight gain or steroid treatments, according to celebrity cosmetic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn, “It’s possible she may have had some filler injections into her cheeks.” In mid 40s when most of the women start showing saggy cheeks, Ellen’s face seem to have reversed the effects of gravity. All natural, is it?

The Wrinkle Free Forehead

Well, not many women in mid 40s possess super smooth forehead! But if you are a fan of Grey’s Anatomy and have been following the show for years, you already know Ellen’s forehead never showed any wrinkles at all. Of course the rumor of having Botox treatment to get that flawless forehead has been denied by Ellen Pompeo, there is no denying the fact that her forehead is simply too flawless to be natural.

Ellen Pompeo before and after plastic surgery (13)

So, Did Ellen Pompeo Gone Through Plastic Surgery?

In between observant speculations and care denial, the question remains whether the actress has actually gone through a plastic surgery or not! The flawless appearance of her skin and the puffed up cheeks are proofs enough to tell the world that yes, she has gone through a plastic surgery or two.

However, unlike many more celebrities who have ended up sporting all puffed up expressionless faces, Ellen has been careful enough to use the botox treatments in moderation. As a result, Ellen Pompeo looks her all time best today, while retaining enough naturalness in her face to give those killer expressions.


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