Ellie Goulding after plastic surgery

Ellie Goulding – Plastic surgery for glamour and beauty

Ellie Goulding – Glamour and beauty with help of plastic surgery

Elena Jane Goulding, famous by the name of Ellie Goulding, is a 29 years old singer and song writer from the British background. With tiresome efforts and struggle she gained the fame through her major hits like “Beating Heart”, “Love Me Like You Do” and singles from the Hollywood blockbusters like “Divergent” and “Fifty Shades Of Grey”.
Being a celebrity Ellie Goulding also face certain insecurities like her outlooks, appearance and none the less her figure. Being a straight forward lady, she never denied from the fact that she used to be obsessed with the fact that she owns a less womanly figure and an unappealing features.

Ellie Goulding after plastic surgery


Though she enjoys the life of a hot shot but she can never prevent herself from the rumors of breast augmentation. The snapshots of Ellie Goulding from the previous to latest made it more confirm that she has gone through a breast implant surgery. Though the celebrity still hides this truth but the camera click always uncovers such realities. The brisker and perkier chest reveals all the differences before and after which were initially denied by the celebrity.


Even after facing huge accusations and gossips about Ellie’s plastic surgery related to her breast implant, she did not declare the rumors to be true instead she has continuously been rationalizing that her petrified figure is the result of her vegetarian diet, heavy workouts and regular exercises. But the public is intelligent enough to understand the common excuses usually declared by the famous celebrities as been done by Ellie Goulding.


It seems that Ellie Goulding like all normal humans is facing the threats of over aging. As she comes nearer to 30, she has started to fight against over age insecurities. This is a fact which is a basic right of every human that he/she never wants to move with age and loves to stay young and beautiful throughout the life. Same was the case with Ellie Goulding, she decided to transform her lips through lip augmentation. Now Ellie Goulding has more prouder looks with her incredibly fuller and sultry pout lips which has now the power of driving anyone crazy.


This is not a complicated procedure of filling the lips. The most appropriate way of doing this job is to use a filler like ‘Juvaderm’ which is safe enough to get these pout lips. The whole procedure involves one or two syringes injected by an experienced physician on the upper and lower lips. The cost of each syringe ranges from $600 to $800, which can be easily afforded by the celebrity. The plumping up of Ellie’s lips is no more a secret as many renowned plastic surgeons have also confirmed the prominent change in the features of the celebrity.

Ellie Goulding after breast augmentation (24)


The dynamic and dazzling appearance of the celebrity on the occasion of Grammy Award, startled her fans. Ellie Goulding dressed up in pink backless Stella McCartney gown was in an eye catching style with remarkable fuller lips and a plummeting neckline that highlighted her cleavage. The overall appearance of the celebrity was an open invitation for everyone to gossip about her new looks and plastic surgery figure. Ellie was looking prouder and more confident than always regardless of the views what her fans share and presented herself as a complete package of pride and overwhelming beauty.


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