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Emiliy Blunt plastic surgery without altering natural look


Celebrities are concerned about their physical appearance. This is because it has a great bearing on their professional life and public perception. In fact, some celebrities have admitted that not having a “facelift” poses a significant risk on their careers. For example, acting is all about expressions. It is in this light that Hollywood has observed a common trend of doing plastic surgery. One of the celebrities who appreciated and carried out plastic surgery is Emiliy Blunt– an English actress who made her much followed professional debut in The Royal Family.


Before and After Plastic Surgery

There is no significant difference in Emiliy Blunt before and after th
Emily Blunt  after facelift
e surgery. In fact, her cosmetic procedures do not really alter her natural look but rather enhance the celebrity’s facial features. Nevertheless, keen observers have noted a number of changes in the physical appearance of the celebrity.

It is not easy to differentiate between her old nose and the new nose. However, before the surgeries, her nose was bulbous with big nostril and wide bridge. Plastic surgeons and in deed the public believe that Blunt has gone through a subtle nose job. This is because her nose is more pinched, tinier, and has a small nostril. She has a crafted upper nasal cartridge and a pointed tip.


In the past, her lips were thin and small. There is all the likelihood that she had lip augmentation as well as minor cheek and chin implant. This is because her lips are juicy, sensual, thick, and photogenic. In addition to that, she has a longer chin, which is protruding. Moreover, her cheek bones are longer and tougher.

There are widespread allegations that Blunt has undergone a facelift. Some are of the opinion that this was done in order to maintain the tone of her facial skin. Others argue that the facelift procedure was important in order to tighten her face. In addition to that, it would free her of the wrinkles.

Emily Blunt before and after plastic surgery


One of the common issues facing the celebrity world is that quite a number of celebrities do not disclose their status about their plastic surgery. In fact, some celebrities and their agents completely deny undergoing the same despite clear evidence. The public is left utilizing keen observation and reliable rumors to make its judgement. This is not an exception in the case of Emiliy Blunt. The claims about her various plastic surgeries cannot be substantiated. She has not publicly clarified about her stand on the debate concerning the allegations about her cosmetic procedures.

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