Emily Ratajkowski plastic surgery

Emily Ratajkowski Plastic surgery procedures for young model

Emily Ratajkowski Plastic surgery procedures for young model

Now considered as a beauty symbol, Emily Ratajkowski, 25 years of age actress and model has come to the open world’s attention. As she continues to get more popular, observers doubt whether her attractiveness is all natural or else there was plastic surgery involvement. According to rumors, Emily’s body has changed since she started her modeling career.

Emily Ratajkowski plastic surgery

Emily’s Breast implants

Emily’s breasts have become bigger compared to some time before. A suggestion the actress has undergone breast augmentation. Rumors say that her slim body is not proportional to her bust size. There is a possibility that the Guest Role Girl in Nickelodeon show decided to develop her body to pull off her envy break in the show career.


The involvement of exterior plastic surgeons in Emily Ratajkowski’s is particularly perceptible in the lips area. Photos clearly show that her lips before and after surgery differ. Thus, a picture of the schoolgirl shows a larger lower lip but a thin upper lip. However, the photos we see now is an actress with plump lips of the same thickness.

Emily Ratajkowski and Rhinoplasty

The model’s nose looks much different in the recent pictures. The overpass has been seen to be narrower and sharper. Although the actress is yet to confirm this rumors about the surgery, photos clearly show the difference in its look. Many people believe Emily had a closed nose surgery as well as a tiplasty. The reason behind this the bridge of her nose is slimmer as is her nose tip. However, this is a slight look of her previous nose.

Emily Ratajkowski and Botox

A person will always have wrinkles on their forehead, regardless of how young they are. The star does not have any lines on her forehead at all. Her not having any wrinkles makes many people to believe that she has had Botox injections to remain young. Observers say that the actress’ forehead seems to be higher than it was as the pictures show, evidence that she has had a brow lift.

Emily Ratajkowski before and after plastic surgery

Emily Ratajkowski and cheek reduction

The Gone Girl star’s cheek looks slimmer of late than when she first started her actress career. Sources say she might have undergone liposuction around her cheek. Her cheekbones are also lifted to give them a better description. This is very clear in her recent pictures compared to her old school photos. The 25-year-old actress looks as if she has lost her natural beauty. She appears to have changed all these with plastic surgery. However, in case she has changed it or not, her new recent look is just as attracting.

Emily’s Tattoos

Even as music fans around the world have seen her nearly naked body, Emily still holds some secrets. She says she has a tattoo of a window on the back of her ankle. She discloses that it stayed enthused by her media collection artwork as well as her exploration of a sense of memories and place of home.

From the appearance of it, Emily Ratajkowski could probably have gotten her plastic surgery done in her early teens or late twenties because it is very early to be changing her looks so permanently. Many people supposed that she had improved her looks with some plastic surgery procedures.


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