Emma Watson plastic surgery

Emma Watson Plastic Surgeries

Emma Watson Plastic Surgeries

Emma Watson was born on 15th April the year 1990 in Paris, France. She lived in Paris until she attained the age of 5. They later moved back to England after her parents divorced. She went to Dragon School in Oxford. She then joined Oxford branch of Stagecoach Theatre Arts where she trained as an actress since this was her passion when she was 6 years. Watson auditioned Rowling’s famous novel called Harry Potter for the role of Hermione Granger. In the year 2011, Emma featured in My Week with Marilyn and this made her post the Harry Potter film. She has also starred in other movies such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower, This Is the End, Noah, and others.

Emma Watson plastic surgery

Has Emma Watson Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Watson is only 26, and still, people feel that she has been on TV for quite a long period. Her alarming talent and beauty make Watson one of the most attractive celebs in Hollywood. This has made some people have rumors that she has physically evolved since her Harry Potter journey. Some people speculate that she had some changes in her before and after appearance.


Regardless of how calm she looks in the eyes of many people, some have rumored that Emma has had a nose job surgery. Rhinoplasty is a popular surgery that many celebs are opting to get, but we find it hard to believe that someone like Watson would consider going for any surgery. However, these speculations have been explained in a simple visual manner. It is true that Emma was a successful actor since her childhood and many photos were captured during those days which even caught her young face as well as her body while it was still developing. Looking at Watson’s before pictures, you will notice that she had a much wider nose and it didn’t change until a much later time. Emma’s after photos show her having a much leaner nose cartilage, which is narrower, more refined and with a pronounced tip. Emma denied these rumors and said that her nose has no change that people should be concerned about.

She also said that these rumors are not true, but people are basing them on the fact that she has improved her makeup skills which have made her facial appearance to look more attractive and beautiful. Her denial to a nose job has made her even gain more confidence whenever she appears in public. Whether Watson has had a rhinoplasty or not, it remains true that her new nose has given her a natural appearance.

Emma Watson before and after plastic surgery

Breast Augmentation

Watson is also speculated of having breast augmentation. Emma’s figure has even become sexier, and her bosom appears to have taken the best form. Her breasts are also a major concern to the public. She has a bra size of 32B which is much bigger to a person of her age. This has made the speculation that she must have had breast augmentation.

When Watson was asked about this rumor, she said that her breast gain is a result of her weight gain. This is a fact that occurs naturally in many young girls of her age.


Whether Emma has undergone cosmetic surgery or not, this 26-year-old actress looks stunning even when in her boyfriend’s, Matthew company who seems to support her.


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