Eva Mendes plastic surgery

Eva Mendes and plastic surgery

Eva Mendes Plastic Surgeries

Eva Mendes was born on 5th March in the year 1974 in Miami, Florida. She started her acting career in the late 90s. Eva Mendes is a great and famous actress in the box office. She has featured in many films such as 2 Fast 2 Furious, Training Day, We Own the Night, Ghost Rider, The Other Guys just to mention a few. She has also been an ambassador and a model of the Cocio Chocolate Milk, Pantene Shampoo, Magnum Ice Cream as well as Thierry Perfume. Mendes is also the one who designs the fashion collection of New York and Company.

Has Eva Mendes Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Being a famous actress and also an ambassador of several products, Eva must have the pressure to maintain her stunning looks as well as perfect figure. With some observations, you will notice various changes in her appearance which reveal possibilities of plastic surgery procedures. Women tend to maintain their looks at this age. Thus it gives her no choice but also to have plastic surgeries so as to enhance and maintain her image and beauty in front of her fans.

Eva Mendes plastic surgery


Looking at Eva’s picture, you will see some changes in her nose. Her recent pictures show her having a completely reshaped nose. We can see that the bump on her nose tip has gone and her nose has also narrowed.

Your speculation will come to an end when you look at her before and after pictures. Eva’s before pictures clearly show her having a bumpy nose and a wider nose as well. In her recent photos, Eva is seen to have a narrower and more pointed nose, especially around the tip. Her nose bump has also disappeared. Eva’s nose bridge also seems to be thinner than it was before. This is clear evidence that she had a nose job surgery. Her nose job has made her look more attractive and her new nose looks perfect for her face.

Brow Lift

Eva is also rumored to have had a brow lift. It appears that she did brow lift surgery so that she could reshape her eyebrows to make them look better and more striking. Even if we can’t confirm this rumor, it is clear that Eva looks better with her new brows which seem to continue having a more raised and curved form.


Brow lift was not enough with Eva. The 42-year-old star realized that she needed to get rid of any lines on her face. At the age of 42, we are supposed to see aging signs which are evidenced by wrinkles and black spots, but this is not what we see with Eva. Her face is wrinkle free and still smooth which is an indication that she is using Botox to smoothen out her wrinkles and fine lines.

Eva Mendes before and after plastic surgery

Breast Augmentation

Eva is popularly known because of her attractive figure. People have speculated of her significant change of breast size looking at her before and after pictures. Eva’s recent pictures show her having a much fuller bosom. Looking at her before pictures, Eva had a flatter chest and smaller breasts as well. When you look at Eva‘s recent pictures, you will notice the difference because she now has bigger and fuller breasts. This is evidence that she has had breast enhancement.


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