Evan Rachel Wood plastic surgery

Evan Rachel Wood great plastic surgery

Evan Rachel Wood Plastic Surgeries

Evan Rachel Wood was born on 7th September the year 1987 in Raleigh, North California. She was involved in Theatre activities while she was in childhood. When Rachel was a child, she made an appearance in her father’s acclaimed musical comedy. She also depicted Helen Keller together with her mother in The Miracle Worker production. Rachel went to Cary Elementary where she schooled while at home and completed high school at the age of 15. She made her first debut in the year 1994 in Best of Families film. She later featured in TV films such as A Father for Charlie, Grace and Death in Small Doses. Rachel Wood has also appeared in TV series such as American Gothic, Digging to China, Once and Again, Tracy Freeland and others.

Evan Rachel Wood plastic surgery

Did Evan Rachel Wood undergo Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is a thing that has become very common nowadays among many celebrities. Many people are having plastic surgery done so as to improve their appearance as well as fixing some flaws. To others, the cosmetic surgery is a total success, and to others, it is a total fail. Many celebs who have had plastic surgery have been getting different speculations from their fans and even social media who bring negative comments. The 29-year-old actress is not an exception to plastic surgery. People noticed how different she looks now than how she looked before. Although this transformation can be caused by aging and her methods of evolution, there are also those who are not yet fully convinced about it.


Looking at her before and after pictures, it appears that Evan might have gone for a rhinoplasty. Her nose in the recent pictures shows her nose looking slimmer and the tip also looks refined. Evan’s before pictures show her having a wider nose while the nasal bridge didn’t appear very much refined as it looks now. Her nose presently looks distinctively narrower and slimmer. Also, rumors confirm that her nose job was done by Dr. Sylvia in New England. She decided to take the idea because she almost knew the career she would take in future. Her nose job seemed to be a great choice because her rhinoplasty without doubt, did her a big contribution to her success and beauty as well.

Lip injections

The 29-year-old actress also seems to have had lip injections. From what we see, her recent pictures are vivid evidence that Rachel has lip injections procedure. Rachel’s lips look fuller than they were before. Her fuller lips are a result of plastic surgery, but what we can say for sure is that this procedure was not overdone because she looks perfect and more natural.

Evan Rachel Wood before and after plastic surgery


It is obvious that Rachel doesn’t seem to care about the negatives people have to say about her because her plastic surgery was the solution to her having a huge success and have confidence while in front of the camera. She also sets an outstanding example of not been sorry of something you have done or have not done and still not do something about it.


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