Fan Bingbing plastic surgery

Fan Bingbing – Plastic Surgeries make thin lips, big eyes and perfect nose shape

Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgeries

Fan Bingbing is a gorgeous and an attractive woman. And no one can dispute that – unless you are not capable of appreciating real beauty. She is blessed with thin lips, big eyes, perfect nose shape, and equally V-shaped face contour. What more can a woman want? Now it’s believed that plastic surgery changed all that. Fan Bingbing is believed to have had nose job, eyelid surgery, breast implants and chin reduction. The photos of Fan Bingbing before and after that can be found in the internet tell it all.

Fan Bingbing Before and After plastic surgery

As with most Asian celebrities, Fan Bingbing has continued to deny all those rumours surrounding her. It seems strange that she could actually deny something that to many is so glaringly obvious for all to see. After all, her chin appears to have dramatically changed, providing her a uniquely different jawline. Now her face has a more formal appearance than the rounded one which she started out with. Whatever plastic surgery work she has undergone she looks attractive, and her legion of fans are quite happy to accept all those changes.

Fan Bingbing plastic surgery

Fan Bingbing Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is quite popular among several East Asia plastic surgery patients. The main reason for this is that they crave for bigger eyes look. Therefore, as a popular celebrity, Fan Bingbing is aware that she needs to improve her attractiveness in several ways. For this reason, eyelid surgery, also called Blepharoplasty appears to be among the procedures that fascinates her. The Chinese actress who starred in the film “My Fair Princess” now looks like a real princess with those big eyes on her. Credit should go to her plastic surgeon who did that remarkable job. Or what do you think?

Fan Bingbing Nose Job

Fan Bingbing allegedly also received a nose job, or Rhinoplasty if you prefer. You can now see in her before and after plastic surgery photos. She had in the past a flat nose. Her former nose actually did not match her face, till a perfect rhinoplasty transformed all that. You may see that today, Fan Bingbing has a smaller and beautiful nose shape.

Mainly its on her nasal bridge (wing of nose) where those parts are well reshaped. She appears to receive a professional nose job specialist who gave her such a small but attractive nose shape.

Fan Bingbing Chin Reduction

Who can dispute about the surgery? The outcome of chin surgery is quite obvious. Even though Fan Bingbing had narrow chin since she was just a young girl, her chin reduction transformed her face slimmer, on its lower part. She has now a perfect V-line shape.

This V-shape now is her character. Surely she appears better with that. Again what do you think?

Fan Bingbing before and after plastic surgery

Fan Bingbing Breast Implants

Just like her chin job, it’s quite easy to see the transformation on her breasts. Those significant changes on her breasts  is because of breast augmentation (breast implants). You may see Fan Bingbing’s comparison pictures. Her breasts have changed into bigger and fuller ones. The perfect beauty of a woman!

Now she looks hotter and sexier with her “new boobs“. Fan Bingbing should profusely thank her plastic surgeon for that remarkable change. Is it just good for her looking better with those beauty enhancements?


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