Felicity Huffman plastic surgery

Felicity Huffman

Felicity Huffman Plastic Surgeries

Felicity Huffman was born on 9th December the year 1962 in Bedford, New York. She went to New York University and later joined Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London where she pursued an acting career. She began her acting profession in the 1980s. Her first debut was Things Change in the year 1982. She also debuted in the Speed the Plow play in the year 1988 as Karen. She has also won the Obie Award in the Cryptogram play. In the year 1999, she also featured in Boston Marriage play. Felicity has also featured in many films such as Door to Door, Raising Helen, Hackers, Big Game, Stealing Cars and many more. This star has also featured on TV shows as well as TV series.

Has Felicity undergone plastic surgery?

Purportedly, the famous Desperate Housewives star has been rumored of using cosmetic procedures to maintain her youthful appearance. Some celebrities who appear younger than their usual age are believed to use these anti-aging procedures however only a few admit to ever having it. Felicity is not an exception to these procedures, and that is why she appears so gorgeous even at her age and still not showing any aging signs.

Felicity Huffman plastic surgery


Botox injection is a cosmetic procedure which is loved by many celebs because of its non-invasive nature. It is administered under the skin, and when it is done successfully, it clears all traces of sagging skin and wrinkles leaving the skin radiant and young. Looking at Felicity’s before pictures, she looked young and pretty. Looking at her recent pictures, her skin suggests that she has had Botox. At her age, we expect to see her with wrinkles and sagging skin, but this is not the case with her. She doesn’t have any wrinkles on her forehead, and that is why it is speculated that she has had Botox injections. Her cheeks also look fuller than she was before which is evident that she has had Botox.


Felicity is also believed to have had a facelift. Her recent pictures show that her face looks fresh and tighter just as she looked in her before pictures. We expect to see her having sagging skin and as well as eye bags. It is speculated that she did this procedure to get rid of the sagging skin around her eyes. This procedure seems to have been a success because she now looks much younger and more beautiful than before.

Felicity Huffman before and after plastic surgery

Facial fillers

Another procedure that Felicity is speculated to have undergone is facial fillers. They are also known as dermal injections. She is believed to have undergone this procedure to make her facial features and mainly around the cheek become firmer. This is also evident because she has no sagging skin around her cheeks. Her recent pictures show her having fuller cheeks than before. This procedure was a success and has made Felicity look even more gorgeous.

When Felicity was asked about her procedures, she said that the reason why she has managed to stay young even in her 50’s is because staying off from makeup because it makes her skin breathe. She also admitted to having the idea of having plastic surgery, but she dropped it after been talked to by her husband.


We can say that Felicity’s plastic surgery have left her even more youthful and beautiful. Her procedure was a success, and she has even become more famous because of her looks.


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