Fergie plastic surgery

Fergie – secrets behind attractive appearance

The secrets behind Fergie’s attractive appearance

Fergie is an artiste who is highly revered both in America and beyond for her music that is well-known and has impacted many with its deep lyrical messages that are adequately put across in the rhythm and blues genre. She was born on March 27th, 1975. Apart from being a musician, she is also a fashion designer and actress. She is in the popular hip hop group, Black Eyed Peas, where she is the female vocalist. She released a solo album in September 2006 called Dutchess.

Her beauty captivates and even makes one think that she is ageless. Every time she appears on the red carpet and flashes a white orderly set of well-shaped teeth in an awe-inspiring smile and body-hugging outfits that leave her fans in awe, it is easy to assume that all that comes easy. The truth of the matter is Fergie, whose real and birth name is Stacy Ann Ferguson, has had to spend countless hours and millions of dollars behind surgical rooms‘ doors to gain and retain her attractive appearance. She has done quite a number of plastic surgeries, which is understandable since she is in the public domain and is involved in various fields with different capacities.

Fergie plastic surgery
Before deciding to undergo numerous surgeries to change her appearance, she was a lady with simple, soft and young-looking skin, but one of the side effects of the surgeries is her overly-tanned skin. Her first surgery was to change the appearance of her nose. Before surgery, the bridge of her nose was much thicker and its tip was slightly more circular. After, the appearance changed rapidly. Her bridge is now narrow, and her nose is more longer and slender due to an osteotomy procedure that followed every rhinoplasty that she had done on her.

A feature of Fergie that is easily noticeable at first glance are her surprisingly large, tight, round and attractive breasts that she emphasizes through the outfits she puts on, that have a low cleavage. They were not originally that way. Before she was flat-chested, with small hardly noticeable breasts that were loose and hung on her chest. Her current bountiful chest is due to breast augmentation that cause her breasts to have that appealing appearance, giving her the confidence to expose them at every opportunity that presents itself.
Before, the shape of her face was less square and her jaw-line was not so defined. Currently, her brows are thicker. This is as a result of a brow lift that was performed on her to give them that appearance. In addition, surgery was performed on her cheeks and jaws. Her cheeks were flat and the shape of her face was long and narrow with a slight jaw-line. After a cheek implant surgery, her cheeks appear thicker and slightly protrude, while her jaw is now wider and squarer thanks to the jaw implant surgery she underwent.

Fergie had thin lips that complemented her long face, but with a change of cheeks and jaw-line also came a new set of lips that are fuller and larger. The transition is due to a surgery on the lips, most likely a Collagen Injection, that has brought out her lips more and radically increased their size in an attractive manner that best suits that of a diva.

Fergie before and after plastic surgery
Her body was ordinary without much appeal before surgery but afterwards, her hips have been enlarged to complement her breasts and give her public sex appeal every time she struts on the red carpet or puts on a dress that emphasizes her curvaceous body and brings out the unique beauty and sexiness that make her stand out and reasonate with her demanding position in the entertainment industry.
No one remains young forever, no matter how beautiful and famous. As the years went by, so did Fergie‘s youth, making her skin, especially that of the face, to be full of creases that are inevitable when the body’s new cell production decreases with time as one ages. Fergie opted for Botox, that enhanced the appearance of her facial skin by getting rid of the creases and reviving her youthful look. No wonder she looks so ageless and manages to go through every passing year of her life with a youthful look and face worth coveting.


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