Fergie plastic surgery

Fergie – plastic surgery – little tweeks that make perfect look

2015  – Fergie (Stacy Ann Ferguson) become famous as a part of the Black eyed Peas at the beginning of 2000s and now is a successful solo singer. Since then she got married and had a child but she remained looking fit and sexy.

Many says that she had done breasts augmentation, nose job, lip filling and botox injections but Fergie denies it all. She is always stating that all she does is eating healthy and exercise a plot. She lives a healthy lifestyle. She joggs and walks a lot. All this doesn’t explain some things we noticed on past and present photos.

Fergie  – face lift

It looks like her brows are excessively large which may be the result of Brow Lift. She may had done jaw and cheek implants. Cheeks look fuller and well defined and  jaw line with wider jaw angle.

Before and after plastic surgery

Fergie – breast implants

About her breasts – she has a perfect round and well projected breasts, which suggest her work on her breast, may be Breast Implants. Her Breasts look huge. In the earlier photos they seem nice but not so big. It may be the case that she decided to enlarge them because of diets and constant jogging and workout which made them smaller. In our opinion she gain two cup sizes and her breasts look amazingly good now.

Fergie before and after breast implants

Fergie – nose job

We think Fergie had a nose job. It looks thinner in before and after pictures. In the early photos her bridge was thicker and the tip was little round too, now it seem more defined and different.

Fergie plastic surgery - Nose job

Fergie – botox injections

Her lips are similar to that of Angelina Jolie’s, fuller may be  the result of Collagen Injection.


We must say that her plastic surgery was executed well. With a few plastic procedures she looks amazingly beautiful and fabulous. Everything was done in the right measure. The surgeons have done a great and professional job on Fergie!




What do you think about Fergie plastic surgery? Did she do it?

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