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Frances Bean Cobain plastic surgeries just like her mum

Rumors about celebrity plastic surgery are increasingly becoming a household topic in every corner of the world. While some of the victims seem unmoved by the allegations, some have come out openly to deny the rumors. Plastic surgery appears to be the new found ladder to fame. Whatever the reasons… celebrities must just look what they want and they won’t stop changing their faces, breasts, tummy and every other part of their bodies that make them look uncomfortable.

Frances Bean Cobain

Frances Bean Cobain is the only daughter of the late Kurt Cobain (a renowned rock star) and Courtney Love. Frances was born on the 18th day of August 1992 in the town of Los Angeles. The 22 year-old as young as she is, is not exempted on the list of celebrities believed to have changed their appearances through the infamous process of cosmetic surgery. An observation was made about changes in her body shape and appearance and conclusions were made that she must have undergone some enhancements. Sources have it that Frances has had a series of various surgeries including the lip filling, breast augmentation, nose job, and Chin implant.

Frances Bean Cobain

Frances Bean Cobain photos before and after plastic surgery

In order to substantiate the obvious signs from rumors, here are some of the photos of Frances Bean Cobain with relevant analysis… read on and compare.
Frances Bean Cobain before and after plastic surgery

Lip augmentation

A look at Frances’s face says it all. There are obvious signs of lip augmentation possibly done to increase the surface area for her lipstick. The before photos show rather flat pair of lips while on the photos after, her lips appear fuller or inflated. Isn’t this enough to justify that this young lady had her lips filled with lip fillers? Well, let’s leave that for your own judgment.

Frances Bean Cobain breat, nose and chin plastic surgery

Breast augmentation

The chest area is an area every woman would invest in to give it the desired look. The increase in Frances’s bust and breasts seemed to have been inspired by its popularity among many celebrities. There is no doubt that the 22 year old had fairly larger breast implants to increase the size of her breasts to the present ones. Breasts are ladies assets, she may her deserved the new ones to stay in the limelight.


Chin implants

The chin filling procedure is also a type of surgery not very common but important for correcting defects on the chin. The after photos depict a more pointed and a longer chin which turned the young and beautiful Frances’s from the previous round shaped face to a stretched oval shaped face. Maybe Frances decided to have her own share of chin implant to avoid a deflated chin in the future.

Rhinoplasty or the nose job

Changes on the young and upcoming talented star’s nose are almost typical to that of the Late Michael Jackson’s thinner and pointy nose bridge. However, hers looks better shaped to match her new face. With the nose job, she got it right since it gave her a more mature look.

Frances Bean Cobain was also reported to have lost a lot of weight however, this was linked to her strictness in observing diet. Based on an expert opinion, a shrink in the body size would as well result to the cheeks and the breasts to grow smaller but this was the opposite with Frances. This therefore is enough proof that the youngster adopted the cosmetic procedures to improve on her looks and her body structure. Her improved facial appearance and the smoother face leaves no doubt that she had botox injections on her face. However, this came a bit too early for a girl in early twenties and following her mother’s footsteps could waited a year or two..




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