Geena Davis plastic surgery

Geena Davis plastic surgery facts, rumors and gossips

Geena Davis plastic surgery

Geena Davis has always amazed her fans through her flawless skin, everlasting beauty and mesmerizing appearance. It looks like that her charm is charisma is forever and interestingly, the actress is denying any kind of symptoms of the old age. She has been entertaining us through her fascinating character as a heroine or as a star in her movies. So, let us try to find out the myth behind her everlasting beauty and charm.

Did Geena Davis have a plastic surgery?

There are certain rumors, gossips and speculation buzzing around the media about the plastic surgery of Geena Davis. When we compare her recent photos with the old ones, we find a significant change in her features especially in her face. One can easily judge it as a result of a plastic surgery. She now looks fresh and young. Well, it is a normal thing for Hollywood stars to erase some years with the help of plastic surgery.

Geena Davis plastic surgery


She has a flawless and clear skin. The skin of her face is tight without any signs of aging. Her skin is not like the normal women of her age. She has no wrinkles at all. In my opinion, it is not possible without undergoing a knife of a professional plastic surgeon. Well, when we compare the old and recent photos, Geena Davis is growing young instead of becoming old. Is it not a strange thing? Of course not, unless you are a famous Hollywood star.


Again, there are no signs of aging as far as the eyes of the Geena Davis are concerned. The skin around her eyes is still young and fresh. She definitely had a plastic surgery of the region of her eyes. There are no signs of bags which usually appear at this age. Well, we must praise the work of the plastic surgeon once more. Her plastic surgery is completely flawless and professionally done.

Botox Injection

It is normal to take Botox injections to keep your skin tight and flawless. As far as the female Hollywood stars are concerned, Botox injections have become like a friend for them. It has now become an integral part of Hollywood stars as they cross the age of 30. So Geena Davis is no exception.

Geena Davis before and after plastic surgery

Lip Fillers

Her lips now look fascinating. Well, good to kiss her fellow actors or of course her husband. Apart from a joke, Geena Davis definitely took some injections to remove the signs of aging as far as her lips are concerned. Her lips now look more healthy, juicy and full like a young actress. So, she is clearly denying accepting her real age with the help of various plastic surgery procedures.


There is a significant change in the shape of her nose. It is now slimmer and the tip of nose is quite flat. This thing is not possible without the use of a hammer. Well, she is not supposed to use a hammer so it is a clear evidence of a good plastic surgery.


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