George Clooney plastic surgery

George Clooney

George Clooney Under the Knife?

Undergoing plastic surgery is pretty common nowadays especially in Hollywood. There is constant pressure to look the best you can be whether it is to make your face look younger or to have your body look lean and sexy. So rumors of plastic surgery are very common as celebrities get older. No one is immune, even actor, director and producer, George Clooney.

George Clooney is one of the hottest sought after celebrities. He’s popularity spans the globe and is legendary for a look that has refined through the years. He has even dated some of the most prestigious women in the world. Currently married to Amal Alamuddin, Clooney who is now 55, is at the top of his game and shows no signs of slowing down. So it is no surprise that rumors of him undergoing plastic surgery.

George Clooney plastic surgery

Comparing pictures before and after, there doesn’t seem to be any significant changes to his looks to warrant any rumors of plastic surgery. In fact, most people and even experts would agree that Clooney just really aged well over the years and although we can see his already old at his age and even sporting white hair, he seems to be getting more handsome as the years go by. This is akin to another celebrity who has aged well over the years, Scottish actor Sean Connery.

George Clooney, in fact is a strong opponent to plastic surgery. In statements he released to the public, Clooney has expressly stated that he doesn’t believe in plastic surgery. He believes that there really is no sense to fighting age as everyone will get old and eventually die. Clooney stated that, “I’m a big believer in the idea that you can’t try to look younger. You just have to look the best you can at the age you are.”

There had been rumors about him having an eyelid surgery and some gossip mongers think that he could have had botox or procedures to make his face firm and not saggy. However, Clooney has denied these rumors.

George Clooney before and after plastic surgery

George Clooney believes that plastic surgery isn’t an issue or even an option for him. He believes it doesn’t make a lot of sense and often doesn’t work well. He is of the opinion that plastic surgery can even make you look older. Even actor Liam Neeson agrees with Clooney’s statements that male actors should refrain from going under the knife and accept how they look at the age they are in.

Clooney also understands that the pressure to look young and to compete with other women for more youthful roles is very stressful. But he also believes that this is not reason enough for you to go under the knife. He firmly believes that men and women actors should not rely on artificial ways of making themselves look young but instead accept what their age is and look for roles that are suited better for their age rather than force themselves to roles that are too young for them. As we age, the roles we take should start changing as well.

Clooney concluded that, “I think for all of us, you have to come to terms with getting older and not trying to fight it.”


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