Gillian Anderson plastic surgery

Gillian Anderson: Plastic Surgery, before and after.

Gillian Anderson: Plastic Surgery, before and after.

Gillian Anderson was born on the 9th day of August, 1968. She is an actress and activist. One of her popular roles is as DSI Stella Gibson in a crime drama series titled “The Fall” She has won many awards for her acting among which are a Golden Globe Award and a Prime Time Emmy Award. Anderson is passionate about activism, she supports several charity organizations with a global outlook.

Did Gillian Anderson undergo plastic surgery?

Ordinarily, very few actors and actresses ever come clean on plastic surgery. Gillian Anderson has never said a word about undergoing plastic surgery but her pictures and videos have given us a clue. There is no doubt that her plastic surgery is an obvious one. One of the telltale signs of her plastic surgery is that at the age of 48, she is among the youngest looking “middle-aged” women in Hollywood. This is highly unusual for a 48-year-old actress. Comparing her looks before and now, it is obvious that her wrinkles disappeared overnight. How did this happen? How can a woman who will clock 50 in two years time look so young and sexy she could pass for a 30-year-old? This dramatic change has sparked several rumors and arguments. The following are the procedures that Gillian Anderson most likely underwent.

Gillian Anderson plastic surgery

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job):

There is a raging argument that Gillian Anderson had a nose job. The result of the nose job is very easy to see in her before and after pictures. A close-up photograph of the actress reveals that the skin around her nose has straightened and thinned out. Her nose shows tremendous changes that cannot be proved by any natural occurrence theory. There are three parts of her nose that make this obvious. There are changes in her nasal bridge, nose tip, and nostril. Her nasal bridge is slimmer in her new photo and her nose tip is more pointed.


Another argument that is raging regarding Gillian Anderson is that she had a Botox related surgery and. As a 48 years old woman, her skin texture and appearance are questionable. Her facial skin is so smooth that you will doubt if she ever had a wrinkle. The skin on her forehead is the most revealing sign of a Botox related procedure. Generally, it appears that aging has paused on Gillian Anderson. This can only leave us with much curiosity.

Eyelid Surgery

Comparing the before and after pictures of the actress, it is easy to see that there are changes around her eyelids. There are arguments in favor of the position that she got an eyelid surgery to remove the fat pockets around her eyes.

Gillian Anderson before amd after plastic surgery

Lips and Chin Surgery

Gillian Anderson has fuller lips than before, this is another telltale sign of a plastic surgery procedure. A plastic surgeon suggested that she had a dermal filling procedure to get fuller lips. The fact that her chin has the contours of a woman twenty years younger than her age is also curious.


Although we do not expect Gillian Anderson to open up about how plastic surgery improved her beauty, it is refreshing to know that she remains the pretty actress we expect her to be.


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