Goldie Hawn plastic surgery

Goldie Hawn plastic surgery face lift for removing wrinkles

Goldie Jeanne Hawn was born on November 21, 1945. She is an amazing American actress, producer, director and occasional singer. She became famous for the role she played in Rowan & Martin’s laugh-In television series. She also became famous because of the roles she played in different movies including The Sugarland Express, Four Play, Private Benjamin, Shampoo, Bird on a wire and many more.


Goldie Hawn plastic surgery

Goldie Hawn has kept her self well, despite her age she is in perfect condition. No one would believe that she is reaching her 70’s. Now we doubt that she has maintained herself through healthy lifestyle rather than taking herself under the knife. She might be able to keep her health in perfect condition with good exercise and healthy food, but she can’t manage to keep her face wrinkle free and skin lifted. These things are because of the plastic surgeries she has undertaken over the years.
Goldie Hawn after plastic surgery

At her age, Goldie Jeanne Hawn was looking for an instant and effective solution that would make her look young and it seems her search ended when she came across the face-lifting surgery, a perfect solution for her permanent aging problem. The face lifting surgery effectively pulled her facial skin. It seems that the surgery did wonders for Goldie Hawn, as you can see that she now looks years younger than her real age. Besides getting face lifting done, Hawn also gets regular Botox injection along with different laser treatments in order to maintain her skin. However, there are some who believe that she has gotten a bit overdone but if it works for us, there is very little anyone else can say.

She also got the lip and cheek fillers injected. Though the lip filler didn’t give the desired result, on the contrary it gave her lips a very unnatural look. Nonetheless, the cheek filler did work for her. Her cheeks are perfect now. They are of the right size and they gave her face the younger look she desires for.

Goldie Hawn before and after plastic surgery

Besides altering her facial expression, Goldie Hawn has made some changes in her body as well. It is rumored that she got a breast augmentation done. Although, she might not agree to this, but the surgery’s results are very obvious. If you compare her previous pictures with her current pictures you would be able to see the massive difference between her breast size. Even the experts believe that she has undergone the breast augmentation surgery as it is not possible to gain weight that perfectly. The surgeons also believe that it is unlikely that it’s only her breast that tasted the knife of the surgeon. Many of them came out and said that she has gotten some face lifts done because it is not possible for a lady of her age to have a face which is virtually wrinkle free.

The beautiful woman is constantly compared to her daughter, Kate Hudson and for many years it was said that they look more like sisters than mother and daughter. Perhaps the comparison is the reason that made Goldie Hawn to undergo so many plastic surgeries.


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