Halle Berry plastic surgery

Halle Berry the Oscar award holder’s plastic surgery

Halle Berry the oscar award holder’s plastic surgery

Halle Berry is a 48 years old celebrity, an outstanding actress who is also an Oscar award holder is famous for her ever young looks. Though at the age of 48, she looks as young as in her early 30s. She gave the credit of her never-aging looks to her superior genes and inner beauty but never claimed it to be the result of any kind of plastic surgery.

Halle’s justifications about her plastic surgery:

Halle Berry always commented that showbiz is the place that actually works under the universal truth, “survival of the fittest” and said, When you see everybody around you doing it, you have those moments when you think, ‘to stay alive in this business, do I need to do the something?Though Halle always denied the importance of going under plastic or cosmetic surgery but reality is beyond this justification.

Halle Berry plastic surgery

Halle admitted about importance of plastic surgery:

With passage of age Halle admitted that no one in the showbiz industry is immune to the effects of old age. These aging changes grow more prominent under the spot light of heavy camera lenses. To cope with these physical changes Halle Berry shared her thoughts that no doubt aging is natural and one has to go with the waves and must go with certain cosmetic surgery to some extent, but personally she preferred the natural beauty of Jane Fonda and Lena Home and would love to look like them without any cosmetic surgery assistance.

Dual standards of Halle Berry:

It is a bitter truth that though on one side Halle Berry continuously commented negatively about plastic surgery but on the other hand the differences between her recent and previous photographs reveals that she must have gone under breast implants. It seems admirable that even after the birth of a child, Halle Berry’s breast looks so perfect but in real they are a remarkable example of natural looking breast implants.

Between rumors and reality:

There are tons of rumors that besides breast implants, Halle Berry has also undergone a nosejob at her younger age. Even with the latest pictures it becomes evident that her laugh lines and other wrinkles also vanished significantly though Halle Berry denied about a face lift but actually these might be a result of Restylane and Juvederm.

This Oscar award winner celebrity, is turning fresher and her wrinkle less face is an open symbol of plastic surgery.

Halle Berry breast implants:

A thorough comparison of the time to time photographs of Halle Berry shows a noticeable change in the breast size to 36C. The perfect round and perkier breasts unveil the truth of breast augmentation.

Halle Berry before and after plastic surgery

Nose job surgery:

The nose size and shape change from the original one has exposed that it is a necessary requirement for being a model and Halle Berry has surely undergone these for a better looks. Though Halle Berry compensated it with her weight loss but this perfectly shaped pointed nose tells more stories that pin pointed towards a nose job through Botox injections.

Still a hidden truth:

Whether Halle Berry’s ever young looks even at the age of 48 are a result of plastic surgery or her god gifted natural beauty, it is still a mystery. Besides all the rumors and speculations, Halle Berry gives all the credit to her balanced diet, workouts and inner beauty.


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